In HEM2 my database got yellow flagged for low disk space, upon checking my Databse was 486GB for 900k hands.

I use Note Caddy and Note Caddy Edge.

My computer is new 2014, 1TB HDD, 12GB Ram, i7 processor.

I had frequent problems with opening pop ups on my HUD which would take 5 to 10 seconds and often crash completely.

I followed the instructions from here:

"What you can do is:
Disable that flag + restart HM to stop Caddy
then open PGadmin, find your DB there and delete these 2 tables
After that do DB mainternance (vacuum full + analyze AND reindex full)"

After doing this my database went from 486GB to 3GB, which seems normal.

Why was Note Caddy using so much space, that seems obscene for it to be using 483GB? Did I have something setup wrong or had something gone corrupt?

Moving forward can I use Note Caddy and Note Caddy Edge or will I have to keep them disabled to prevent the database growing into something monstrous again?

I look forward to your response