Implicit Strength showing up as weak in general strength
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    Default Implicit Strength showing up as weak in general strength

    I have some notes that I filter by general strength for a weaker range. In one case 0-70. I always assumed that when you click the general strength checkbox, the range checkboxes above it were ignored.

    It appears that "implicit-strength" shows up as a weak range when the notes are tabulated. For example with one player there were 5 occurances. 2 went to showdown and were above the strength range I set. The other three appear as "implicit-strength" and count towards the weak part of the range. I'm using define opportunities by range.

    When I run example hands in the test environment I get "Incorrect Turn hand *OPPORTUNITY*" for those implicit strength hands so the test environment seems to be detecting it correctly as an opportunity yet when the badge shows up, the popup shows these hands as Successes.

    I tried to uncheck the implicit-strength checkbox but that didn't make a difference. Is there any chance I'm doing something wrong? Also does implicit-strength have some sort of general strength value?

    I could change the definitions to only count hands that were shown down but I was hoping not to.

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    The general strength for implicits is set in file->settings->HUD->Implicit weakness value...

    Do you have something set there? Are you seeing the value set represented in the graphs?
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    Thanks. Didn't realize changing the value for the spark graph also changed it for other things. Very useful. Value is 2 will change it.

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