Tilt Breaker License invalid
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    Default Tilt Breaker License invalid

    Since neither the Holdem Manager Support nor the Tilt Breaker Support is answering any of my E-Mails, I am gonna post this issue here.

    I purchased TiltBreaker a week ago with my HoldemManager account for $49. I got 2 License Keys for Tilt Breaker Unibet and TiltBreaker Ipoker even though I did purchase Tilt Breaker for Pokerstars. Anyway neither of the license keys do work. When I enter the Holdemmanager License key in TiltBreaker I get the message saying: License not valid.

    Who am I supposed to contact with this issue? E-Mail support apparently did not work. If you keep ignoring my e-mails or my post in this forum I am going to revoke the transaction.


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    These two email addresses are probably your best bet:-
    sales@holdemmanager.com and sales@tiltbreaker.com

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