NC custom Stats not updating in HUD in Real time
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    Cool NC custom Stats not updating in HUD in Real time

    I have made several stats using "Note definition", for e.g one stat i have made is Flop Cbet in SRP heads up. Every thing seems fine in NC i.e "Seek" option is showing correct actions, "Analyze" option is showing all data and Recipients correctly. Since i am making Stat i have checked "define opportunity by action". I have included this stat in HM2 Hud.
    Problem is this stat is not updating in Real time, it is showing nothing even though i just show somebody Cbet in SRP Heads up.
    definition file is in attachment.

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    Make sure NoteCaddy is creating notes while you play. This is shown in the "creating notes" panel. You can use the caddy report to see them being created
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