Holdem Manager blocking known hole cards on Bovada
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    Default Holdem Manager blocking known hole cards on Bovada

    Is there a way to unblock the known hole cards on Bovada? It used to work but in a recent update I no longer can see any opponent hole cards. Therefore Hold em manager is not even calculating pre flop/flop all in equities and is pretty much rendering bovada hands useless.

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    I believe an old HM2 build 8079 still works wih Bovada. You can also find that version to downgrade in our releases sub-forum in this thread - http://forums.holdemmanager.com/hm2-...-released.html

    As part of our parsing refactoring we made some changes that broke the Bovada hand histories because they did not conform to the PokerStars format. Fixing this would introduce issues for other supported sites. Removing those changes would break those improvements we made for our supported sites. This is not something we are willing to do as our focus is on sites that we do support.
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    This version still isn't showing hole cards for me. I guess there's nothing I can do :/

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    If you are having problems with a converter for an unsupported site you will need to work with the 3rd party software developer. We do not provide support for 3rd party software and/or sites that we do not officially support.

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