Table Ninja 2. Sit out problem
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    Default Table Ninja 2. Sit out problem

    Hello. I always go to sit out, although I have activated "Auto click Time bank" on TN2. I have tried it on all pokerstar's layouts, "autoclick time bank" doesn't work anywhere.
    I use Pokerstars 7 client.
    Thank you.

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    Pokerstars 7 Is still in beta and not all features are fully supported, We do support the Mercury theme but only the following work

    * PS7: handling of buyin popup works correctly (when you can't buyin for your desired sum)
    * PS7: handling of Auto rebuy/double rebuy/addon works correctly
    * PS7: handling of Tourney Registration Popup works correctly
    * PS7: recognize correctly the Hand Histories
    * PS7: Preset bets

    Again they are in beta and are to be tested on Play money tables first as suggested in the Popup you receive from TN2.

    To get the full functions to work you need to downgrade to PS6.

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