basic packages from digest?
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    Default basic packages from digest?

    I've had caddy for some time, always wanting to use it, but it looks like you either buy another package (normally U$ 99+) or program your own definitions, and it looks complicated and time consuming.

    we have access to the definition digest, but honestly it is a big mess, and unless you know what you doing its very hard to know how to use it properly.

    Wondering if it's possible to organize some basic packages using definitions already created in the digest, to give users at least a basic access to the program... something like organize a basic package for:
    - cash 6 max (for someone like me)
    - cash 9 max
    - Single table SnG
    - Multi table SnG
    - MTT

    with just a few badges popping (getting the more common leaks or whatever) and using some nice graphics, stats, to the new user.
    I kind of feel like i paid for the soft for nothing to date.


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    Thank you for your feedback

    It is unlikely that there will be basic packages. There are too many game types for it to be feasible to add that many new definitions. The over 200 that are included with the software by default and in the "big mess" digest will provide you with a lot of information about your opponents that you can't otherwise get without spending hours taking notes yourself. Furthermore, many users have spent a time away from the tables to make definitions and a good HUD for themselves. If you don't want to then that's your decision

    I kind of feel like i paid for the soft for nothing to date.
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    what i mean is...
    Organize somehow the 200 definitions already into a few "basic packs", that gives the new user a feel of the power you can achieve.

    You don't have to make one form every game type or something like that, just a few "basic packages", lets say something like this:
    for SnG: chose 20 or so definitions that helps with sits (from the ones in the digest) and make a pack that gives an insight of what you get.
    for cash games: another pack with 20 or so definitions that helps with cash games (from the ones in the digest) and make another pack.

    So the new users have a little idea of all the power you get when you buy this software...

    In my case, im struggling with which definitions are gonna help me with my game, choosing some to have an idea among 200 is a hard task.

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