Fast laptop + taking steps for optimal performance but hm2 lags and freezes 888
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    Default Fast laptop + taking steps for optimal performance but hm2 lags and freezes 888


    888 freezes which costs me to timeout, also my mouse loses responsiveness when playing more then 5 tables. As well often I lose the HUD on ONE table, and this table becomes difficult to play as it forces itself in the foreground. I am playing with a bit of overlay but this becomes impossible after that happens. When playing without HM all of this doesn't happen.

    Windows 8.1 64b
    Postgres 8.4
    I7 4700 2.4ghz
    128gb ssd (about 40gb free space)
    16GB RAM

    I took the following steps:

    Full Maintenance in hm2 (Database is 8gb now)
    Battery power on high performance
    Cleaning with different tools (Iolo System Mecanic, CCleaner, WinDirStat)
    Set hm2 to high priority in task manager

    My laptop is clean, I don't have unnecesary processes running in background. When I check my taskmanager while playing hm uses around 2GB of memory. I do have a lot of datamined hands, HUD is set to show hands from last 6 months. I really don't know what to do next, please help.

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    Which version of postgresql? The default 8.4 version that HM2 installs or have you tried installing 9.0+?

    Have you followed all of the suggested performance steps in our sticky thread at the top of this forum -

    Have you tried creating a new database with only your hands that does not include mined hands?

    As datamining is against the rules at most/all of the sites we support we can not provide technical support with hands customers didn't actually play in. If you are having problems importing actual played hands you can send them to us via email and we can try to solve those problems - but we can not spend our resources trying to help you break the terms of service at sites we support.

    *Try creating a new DataBase and import a small portion of your \HM2Archive (start with just the last few/6 months that you are filtering the HUD for without importing any mined hands) so you can see if the problem exists in the new DB -

    *If the new DB seems to work properly try importing more of your archived hands without importing any mined hands.

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