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    Default NoteCaddy Predator - innovative add-on package for NC and HM2

    "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
    Sun Tzu

    More than 2000 definitions turbo-charge the HUD with detailed information for almost every thinkable situation. Position specific stats give you a better look on how people play in different positions. For example HoldemManager-stats for SRP out of position as PFR are in NoteCaddy Predator broken down into:

    - EP/MP vs IP
    - CO vs Btn
    - SB vs BB

    Masses of valueable information........but on a glance
    The design of all elements of the package maximizes clarity to provide you with information in a fraction of a second. The color-logic of the badges and pop-ups in NoteCaddy Predator is intuitive and you will be able to integrate them into your game within minutes.

    Better information
    All stats and badges in the HUD switch dynamic from vs all to vs Hero once the sample-size is big enough.

    Custom definitions
    You need a stat/note or badge? You need someone who builds your complete custom HUD with pop-ups? I'm highly experienced in doing this and deliver reliable work for a fair price with maximum discretion.

    More information on "Homepage" in my profile: click here
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    We offer now a fully functional 15 day trial of the package.

    Only limitation, you can't edit the definitions as they are locked.
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