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    Default number in brackets

    I have many notes saying for example

    skrewplay turn: 10 (39)

    note is defined "define opportunities by action"

    does that mean my opponent has skrewplayed turn 10 times with possible 39 opportunities??
    This information doesnt mean anything if I only see number 10 in my hud

    shouldnt the first number be then 25 = (10/39)*100 0 25 because it have happened 25% of times?

    how this works and what the numbers mean??

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    Hey irpejoo,

    This means the player did it 10% of the time out of 39 opportunities. He probably has done it 4 out of 39 times and it is rounded from 10.2564 to 10.

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    If I use this definition to make a stat in a popup, is there anyway to display the opportunities in a popup?

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    Composite definition, which will have NC."DefinitionName".Opportunities in its expression, could be added to popup table as a stat.
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