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    Default Configure processed hands folder

    How can I configure the folders of processed hands?
    I know how to configue the folders where HM will read the hands. In my case it is on the handhistory folder of Pokerstars. But when they are read, they go out of that folder and proceed to another folder. How can I configure that one?

    I imported all my hands onto a new DB, but every hand of this month is missing. Every hand but the ones after the reinstall of postgres, i mean, after the problem was fixed.
    I really want this months hands and I dont know what more I can do...

    This is the second time this happens...kind of annyoing.


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    Check the FAQ setup guide for your particular site, it explains how to setup this, by default HM uses C:\HMArchive but youll need to delete the old auto import file and redo another one as you cant edit them at the moment
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