Define opportunities by range and Player had to show shodown
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    Default Define opportunities by range and Player had to show shodown

    If I create a note calling by example: Cbet with TP or worst, I observer this BIG contradiction:

    In tab FLOP - RANGE I create a group of hands strength wit TP or worst and I donīt mark the options Implicit weakness / Implicit strength

    The note I create under condition: "Define opportunities by range"

    If then, in tab Preflop I donīt mark the option: "Player had to show showdown" appears me 89/148 (60%)

    But if I mark the option "Player had to show showdown" appears me 130/265 (49%)

    Why not results are exactly the same? I think the result should coincide but there is a significant difference

    Thanks in advance

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    If you're not filtering by implicit strength/weakness you should always specify that he had to show down when using opportunity by range
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