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    I've played a few hundred 15$ 9-Max Knockout SitnGo's on Pokerstars lately.
    I've found a bug:

    -When I win the SitnGo your not adding the last bounty to my winnings.

    So If I play a 15$ Turbo Knockout it's 11.28(prizepool)+2.82(bounty)+0.9(rake)

    If I win I'm getting less 2.82 in your software than on Pokerstars, because you're not adding my bounty that I started with and because I wasn't eliminated I won it back.

    This also happens at the Regular speed knockout's.


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    Any tournament with more than 1 table (and many single table games) will require a separate Tournament Summary/History file to be imported for HM2 to properly calculate the size, places, and prizes. The only sites that write these summary files is Pokerstars, Full Tilt, and Pacific. If your site does not write summaries, or you experience any discrepancies with the results, you will need to manually edit the results via the Reports > Tournament > Tournaments > right-click > edit -

    If you play at PokerStars you may need to request and import any/all of your old tournament histories and import those to HM2. Stars did not write the tourney summaries to your hard drive in the past, like FTP did. They recently added this feature, so please enable the option in the PokerStars client to be sure that it is enabled in the Pokerstars options and be sure that HM2 has added the folder to your Auto Import Folder Configuration.

    Email and ask for ALL your old Hand Histories and Tournament Histories/Summaries.

    They will send you an email with links to zip files of your hand histories. Download all the zip files. Right-Click > Extract the contents of each zip file to a new folder. HM > Import From Folder for all of the unzipped hands.

    The tournament summaries should be attached to the email as .htm files. Download the attachments. HM > Import File(s) for all of those files. If the files are sent as .html you will need to rename them (Right-Click > Rename) from .html to .htm extensions.

    If you continue to have problems, please zip and email the problem hand histories (HH files) and tournament summaries (TS files), with a link to this thread and your forum name, to

    All original hands that are auto-imported get moved to an archive for performance reasons. Your \HM2Archive is in C:\HM2Archive by default, but you may have put it anywhere. The archive should be organized by \Month\DayOfMonth (example: D:\HM2Archive\2009\07\31) or if it was auto-imported with 7283+ it would be in \HM2Archive\SiteName\YYYY\MM\DD.

    When sending any hand history files please zip them (right-click > send to > compressed folder) before attaching them to an email. If the attachment is too big to attach to an email please upload them to a file hosting site like dropbox or filedropper and send us the download link.

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    What does your response as anything to do with my original post?

    I'm reporting a bug in your software for Knockout Sit n Go's.

    I have Pokerstars importing fine!!

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    Can you email us a handhistory file + summary file of such a game you win to
    Participate in the Beta release of the newest Hold'em Manager version: HM Cloud. Sign-up HERE.

    If you would like to leave some feedback to help us improve the quality of the solutions, and/or the support quality you received, - you can do this here

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