H1: HEM scaling is horrible wrong (WIN 8.1, laptop 13,3" screen)
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    Default H1: HEM scaling is horrible wrong (WIN 8.1, laptop 13,3" screen)

    I managed to install HEM to my laptop, but now I'm experiencing new problems. I am not sure if it's a windows 8 problem or HEM problem. I would appreciate help.

    The scaling is wrong I think. Here's how my HEM looks atm. Reports and import

    Gyazo - 8e077fab3be8eb1e08e83f040eae9c04.png

    Gyazo - 258a3cbe994339374f5f9e5e72ec180d.png

    Anything I can do?

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I downgraded to 1.13.02 since i thought that would solve the zoom problem. The hands are lagging. Would like to get help to this too.

    Also I might have posted this in the wrong subforum. Please feel free to move this to the appropriate subforum

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