Improving some filters please
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    Default Improving some filters please

    I think some filtes can be improved a lot, specially postflop when you make a move

    By example: if I filter XR only appears hands that I make a XR and the other player doesnīt make an aggesive move, so I cant see what happens if he raise me or if he raise me and I re-raise. I have to select other 2 filtes for these 2 situations. It is very importante see what happens when I make a XR in the same filters, independent if othe palyer call, fold or re-raise me.

    This too happen when I make a donk. Only the filter saw the hands I make this move and the villian call or fold, but the hands he raises me donīt appear and I have to select another filter.

    This is very importante to improve because this way i donīt have to select a filter and another and another to see the success of my move

    Basically, I think the configuration of theese filters have to be the same as if I Make a CBet; in this case appears the hands i make a Cbet and the other playe raises me

    Another surgery is to create a stat to show times a player bet river and wins hand when both players saw showdown (I think PT have this stat and it is very useful)

    PD: Sorry for my English

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    You can use the checkraise in advanced filter, and the same with donk (could 3b = true, made 3b = false, saw flop = true, out of position filter, bet flop = true). You can filter for the bet river and use the won SD% stat to see the last one.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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