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    Question Pop-up PT4 Style

    Just switching from PT4 to HEM2, because i want Note Caddy.
    Anyway, the pop-up seems to me far less more intuitive and easy to use than the PT4 pop-up ( certainly because i am use to it) . Does anyone have created a pop-up wich look like the PT4 pop-up ? I will certainly do it if I have no choice, but it seems to be a lot of work. And I might be too lazy to do it, and so continue using PT4 .

    Thanks for your answers guys.

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    I am not aware of any that exist but they might exist and have not been posted here yet. We are working on a new HUD repository that will make it easier to find custom HUDs vs forum threads. I am not sure yet if we are planning a popup repository but the HUDs include the popups and previews so if someone made a PT4 HUD with PT4 style popups they could be uploaded there.

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    Ive been wishing for this as well, lmk if you find it and ill do the same

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