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    I have a couple of questions about tags.

    1. I am obsessed with assigning tags to the tourneys I play to keep everything in perfect order, but I have a problem. When I view the sheet "Tournament results" under "Reports"->"Tournament", I notice that many of the tags aren't there. I've discovered that the the tournaments assigned to these tags (assigned in the sheet "Tournament") are actually found in other tags, wrong tags (in the sheet "Tournament results"). Why is it so?

    2. Why doesn't the tags get synced to the cloud? It is such a hassle managing the tags on two separate comps. I have given up on this and am now tagging on only one comp. If there is a way to sync tags and the tags given to each tournament, I would like to know


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    1 - You're probably creating conflicting tags. You should only have major categories set up.

    2 - It is not possible to sync tags.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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