HUD stats in wrong location before I'm dealt in.
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    Arrow HUD stats in wrong location before I'm dealt in.

    I am using preferred seating on regular tables at Pokerstars.
    This works fine once I am dealt in. I would like the stats to be correct prior to me being dealt in (helps me table select).
    Is there anyway to do this?

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    I suggest as you haven't been dealt in, so no hands have been imported HM has no idea you are playing

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    As johncc says: We can't tell where the hero is positioned until you have played at least one hand. If you open a table and watch it should pre-fetch the HUD and show the HUD in the proper places to aid in table selection. If you use preferred seating and choose a open seat that is not your preferred seat the pokerstars client will spin the table around to put you in the proper seat. The HUD can not be spun/adjusted to the proper positions until after you play a hand and we import that hand to know which seat you are in.

    If this is causing you problems I suggest you add the Name stat to the HUD so it is easier to find the proper HUD if you need it during your first hand at the table before your hero hand has been imported.

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