NoteCaddy Text.Notes - Automatic Notes Creation (vsHero) (ENG/FR/ES/DE/RUS)
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    Default NoteCaddy Text.Notes - Automatic Notes Creation (vsHero) (ENG/FR/ES/DE/RUS)

    Presenting the new add-on to the NoteCaddy program.

    If you noticed that the regulars play differently against you than against other players, then the automatic creation of notes with the help of NoteCaddy Text.Notes will allow you to identify and use these changes in the game against them.

    NoteCaddy Text.Notes

    Automatic creation of text notes vsHERO – this a new opportunity that will improve your game, save time, as well as allow you to better know know and understand the opponents with whom you are playing.

    We all know the advantages of the use of statistics, given by the HoldemManager2 program.

    Cbets, folds, raises, three bets - these are some important statistical indicators that help you take correct decisions during your game with the opponents. However, it sometimes happens that the opponent acts in a way that is not covered by the statistical indicators, or differs from expectations. As a result, it is important to write down notes on opponents, it is especially essential in regular games.

    It is relatively easy to take down notes, what is important is that they are understandable to you, and easily read during the game.
    If you play on one, two or even 5 tables it is relatively easy, and you will have time to both take down notes and play with the opponents. However as the number of "tables" increases, or if you have to take simultaneous decisions on different tables, you could be confronted with a situation that some of the information on the opponents with whom you are playing will get lost due to the existence of a large amount of plays.

    To solve this problem we present NoteCaddy Text.Notes, an add-on to the NoteCaddy program that will allow you to automatically create notes in text form on the players with whom you are playing.

    Short promotional video:

    The pluses of using Text.Notes:
    - Automatic creations of notes allows you to better concentrate on the game
    - Notes are created in a short and comfortable reading format
    - More information on the opponents (bet-sizing and the change of the "power" of the hand from flop to river is indicated in the notes)
    - It is easier to find out the habits of the opponents' play thanks to the ability to save the notes
    - Domination of the opponent - knowing his style of play and how he plays against you
    - Works without any additional installations.

    Examples of Notes:

    Available languages:

    In development:
    Polish, Chinese and others

    Use Notecaddy Text.Notes on

    Example of notes for tournaments:

    - 3 definitions for Notecaddy
    - discount 30% for database/gameplay analysis

    For Notecaddy Text.Notes users:
    - support Notecaddy via skype
    - recommendations for optimization Windows, PostgreSQL
    - and etc...

    skype: NoteCaddy.ProTools

    more information on site: See link in User Profile
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    Soon will be update to preflop records

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    New update for Text.Notes

    Expand preflop action records:
    - 3bet sizings
    - records of preflop all-in situations

    Main update of Text.Notes for tourneys MTT/SNG:
    - in notes was added value of blings

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    New version of Notecaddy Text.Notes:
    Postflop records are reduced to a minimum

    List of Text.Notes features:

    Preflop records:
    - call 3bets
    - records with 3bet sizings (min/2,5x/3x/4x/5x+)
    - 3bet PUSH
    - records 3bets almost allin or big 3bets, when size of 3bet was more then 30% of stack size

    Postflop records:
    - size of openraise
    - postflop actions
    - records of betsizings
    - hands strength on flop / turn / river

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