I'm currently playing poker on a site that isn't supported by HM2, Seals WIth Clubs, The reason I'm playing there is because they accept Bitcoins as a payment method and I'm trying to support Bitcoin usage in online poker. I want to trick HM2 into supporting SWC by making a program that will convert hand histories in real time to an already supported (by HM2) format. Writing a program to convert a hand history file shouldn't be the difficult part. What I'm worried about is getting the HUD to show up on the screen. Is there anyway I can force the hud to show up somewhere? For example, let's say I convert SWC hand histories to Poker Stars hand histories (for example) then tell HM2 I'm running Poker stars... How could I start the HUD and get the data to show up on the screen somewhere, or better yet on the tables somewhere? Do you guys have any clues/ideas as to how I'd do this??