Trick HM2 into supporting poker software it doesn't...
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    Default Trick HM2 into supporting poker software it doesn't...

    I'm currently playing poker on a site that isn't supported by HM2, Seals WIth Clubs, The reason I'm playing there is because they accept Bitcoins as a payment method and I'm trying to support Bitcoin usage in online poker. I want to trick HM2 into supporting SWC by making a program that will convert hand histories in real time to an already supported (by HM2) format. Writing a program to convert a hand history file shouldn't be the difficult part. What I'm worried about is getting the HUD to show up on the screen. Is there anyway I can force the hud to show up somewhere? For example, let's say I convert SWC hand histories to Poker Stars hand histories (for example) then tell HM2 I'm running Poker stars... How could I start the HUD and get the data to show up on the screen somewhere, or better yet on the tables somewhere? Do you guys have any clues/ideas as to how I'd do this??

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    HM2: you can try the TableFinder:

    HM1: it may be easier to trick HM1 into detecting the SWC tables, by editing the exenames.txt file for HM1, adding the main .exe file of Seals with Clubs. HM2 doesn't have such a file.
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