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    Default low disk space

    Im running low on disk space and purge doesn't work.
    My postgres install is E/program files/postgres ( this is where i installed it when using hem1)
    My database for hem 2 is E/program files/hem2postgres/mydatabase

    hem 2 says my database is 53GB
    In E/program files/hem2postgres/mydatabase there is about 53GB
    But there is also 64GB in is E/program files/postgres
    both these locations get larger everyday
    If hem 2 says database is 53GB why do i have an extra 63GB in E/program files/postgres ?
    Can i delete anything in E/program files/postgres ?

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    HM2 uses two folders for the database:
    -1 the PostgreSQL/DATA folder
    -2 the 'parent' C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\HoldemManager\ Database folder (this is the default location)
    Check which folder you're using for the 'parent' folder. (it's likely you also placed this folder in the E/program files/postgres or E/program files/hem2postgres/mydatabase folder)

    You can delete all files in the
    E/program files/postgres/data/pg_log folder (and /pg_xlog folder, don't delete the actual folder, just all the files inside the folder)
    E/program files/hem2postgres/mydatabase/data/pg_log folder (and /pg_xlog folder, don't delete the actual folder, just all the files inside the folder)
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