Notecaddy Edge - badges only appear for hands played after installation date
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    Default Notecaddy Edge - badges only appear for hands played after installation date

    I am running HM2 I initially purchased Notecaddy Premium and use it for tournaments. I set it up correctly so that it went through my database and applied notes for all hands.

    At a later date, I purchased Notecaddy Edge MTT, as I was interested in the badges. The problem is that Notecaddy Edge MTT has only started creating badges from the date that I installed it. However, it has not created badges for all hands (i.e. hands pre-dating the installation of Notecaddy Edge MTT). Is there a way of asking Notecaddy Edge MTT to go through all hands and make badges? Do I have to reset NoteCaddy to factory settings and then run it from the start to create badges for all the hands?


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    To simplify the installation process, coaching packs like NCE now automatically reset notes on installation. However, if you installed more than 1 week ago you will certainly want to do so now How to reset NoteCaddy notes - Assaultware Wiki

    Depending on how many hands in your database it might take awhile but it will fix the issue concerning no data from previous hands. Also make sure there's no date filter set in your file->filters in NoteCaddy
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