Low Disk Space Error?
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    Default Low Disk Space Error?

    I am getting a low disk space error, but my hard drive has 42GB of free space. Do I need to do anything?


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    When do you get this error exactly?

    When you're importing hands, running a backup on a database, doing maintenance on the database?
    You can ignore the error, if you really have 42 GB of free disk space.
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    I get the error in the Alert Viewer. I really do have 42GB free.
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    It is alerting you that you have gone past the 20% space threshhold. You should not use more than 90% of the drive. Filling it up completely can corrupt Postgres and cause other data corruption issues.

    We give the warning in the advisory before it becomes a problem. If you are watching your drive space, you can ignore the warning.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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