Sensei doesn't work rightly
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    Default Sensei doesn't work rightly

    I want to play on the same sit&go on 3 different buy-in, and I want Sensei to register to those sit&go continuosly if I have less than 25tables open.
    The problem I have is that sometimes Sensei doesn't register to all 3 tables. The filter is ok (the test show the 3 correct sits). It's the first on the image below.
    The time between cycle is less than the time that the sit needs to be filled.

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    How often does it appear to miss a game? Its possible the game isn't available at the time TableNinja tries to register you. Once a game fills its removed from the lobby temporarily and a new one is created. If the Sensei tries to register you when its missing it will be skipped until the next cycle. Does it keep the correct number of games running?

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    I don't know how many times it misses a game but for sure I saw TN cycling and trying to register with 2 of the 3 games avaiable and it failed to register to both. Later I will try with less seconds between cycles hoping that it can solve the issue forcing TN to register.

    I always played less than 15x (when I ended the session the overall games, of that category, running on PS was more than 30x so it should be easier to play at least 20x if it's all right).

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