Hi! I think the following stats should be added:
bet flop IP, bet flop OOP
bet turn IP, bet turn OOP
bet river IP, bet river OOP
bet/fold flop IP, bet/fold flop OOP
bet/fold turn IP, bet/fold turn OOP
bet/fold river IP, bet/fold river OOP

Here, OOP should probably mean any player who is not last to act on that street, and IP is just the player who is last to act on that street. Note that a player might be OOP on the turn, but IP on the river (say because one player has folded).

In fact, I'd even want to have versions of these stats vs1, vs2 and vs3+. The most important is vs1, i.e. these stats just for the case where the hand is already heads-up.

The reason this is important to me is because I play 6-max PLO, and in 6-max PLO it's not very important who was the pre-flop raiser. It's way more important who is in position and who is out of position. So I want to just know how often a player bets IP, no matter if he was the PFR or not. In fact, I want all the stats that are usually interesting for the PFR, except I want them for the IP player. The main ones are bet and bet/fold, so those are the ones I need most.

Thanks in advance!