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    My main laptop is being repaired so I've installed HEM 1 onto another laptop but I'm using windows 8 for the first time. I'm unfamiliar with this operating system, won't be using this laptop too long and it's not very powerful, which is why I have opted not to use HEM 2 for now.

    I'm am playing on Full tilt and stars. Currently FT is not importing properly, but stars is, and no hud is showing up for both.

    Everything seemed to install correctly, and I'm running everything as admin when I try to play. Also, I have hud preferences to all sites but also tried one by one for both sites.

    Not sure if HEM 1 was set to work with windows 8. If not let me know and I'll just have to install HEM 2.

    Please let me know,


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    Please update to this version:

    Here is a guide to help with issues with Windows 8 and HM.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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