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    Default Reports on players tab

    I would like to be able to somehow specify the columns in a report (on the players tab) covering all players in the database; i.e. similar to the default stats report, but with a free choice of columns/stats. (The extra stats that I would like to include are all available from the stat selection window under cash games –> reports when I analyze just one player.) Is this possible? Actually I would be somewhat surprised if it is not possible, since I think that it is a rather fundamental operation to be able to tabulate specific stats for all players. Anyway, I haven’t found a way to do it, but I’m very new to Hold’Em Manager.
    If it is not implemented, maybe one straightforward solution for a future release would be to make it possible to add or remove columns/stats, just like on the cash games –> reports tab? Another solution is of course to make it possible to write custom reports for this tab as well.

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    This is all on the to do list but not available currently, if your eager to see it added you can suggest/vote for it here
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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