Holdem Manager still cannot connect to the database
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    Default Holdem Manager still cannot connect to the database


    I have PostgreSQL server with database and HM2 on the different computers, connected through Wi-Fi. While the database was small size, everything worked. But when I imported more than 1 million hands, first I lost all reports ("No results found" in status string). Although if i try to "Select Player...", I see many nicknames with many hands. But the reports do not appear for any of them.

    I try to launch the HM2 and has receive "Welcome to Holdem Manager 2" dialog.
    I click "Next", click "select an existing database". I see my database in the list, and choose it, click "Next", and HM2 does not open the database and outputs the message:
    Database Error
    Holdem Manager still cannot connect to the database and will now close. Please restart the application and try again.

    If I choose "create a new database with this name", the new database is created on the same server, and the HM2 runs with it. In PgAdmin3 I see my old database with the new database. But after I import many hands into new database, all repeated again.

    I think somewhere in the HM2 should be option "timeout" for connection to database, which is necessary to increase.

    Table Scanner Turbo works fine with these databases also through Wi-Fi.
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    HM2 uses two databases:

    -1 the PostgreSQL database

    -2 C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\HoldemManager\ Database (parent folder)

    Does your current computer also have access to the parent folder? Read last section of: http://hm2faq.holdemmanager.com/ques...e+or+Partition
    if you'd like to change the location of this folder

    Read: the section on editing PostgreSQL.config to prevent timeout errors:
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