Delayed Turn Cbet + Riverbet stat
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    Default Delayed Turn Cbet + Riverbet stat

    I think this one is not implemented into HM2 yet, in general there are very few multiple street / multiple actions type stats.


    Villain opens BTN, Hero defend.

    Flop: xxx

    Hero check, Villain check.

    Turn: x

    Hero check, Villain bet, Hero calls.

    River: x

    Hero check, Villain bets.

    I'd like to know frequency's for this delayed turn cbet + riverbet line by villain, thanks!

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    We'd have to add a nearly infinite amount of stats for these multiple street / multiple actions type stats.

    Try creating the delayed turn cbet + riverbet line stat in NoteCaddy.
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    Hey CoolTimer:

    First, as Patvs points out, a complete set of multi-street 6max stats is virtually unthinkable.

    Second, you're asking for Villain's stats, not Hero's. The HUD stat you're looking for is Delayed TNCB IP, Bet River% (the IP being very important).

    Third, the Report stat you're looking for is Check-Call Delayed TNCB, Face River Bet%.

    Fourth, you may have noticed that HM2 did, in fact, add quite a few "Face" Freq% stats preflop. Also note that they're always followed by a set of Hero's responses (Fold%, Dfnd%, Call% or RS%). Therefore, if you tried to add Face% stats to Postflop Freq% stats, you'd probably need to at least quadruple the number of HM2 stats (both Report and HUD stats).

    IMO, you're on the right track in trying to get stats about Villain's actions.

    However, what most player's don't seem to realize is that Report stats and HUD stats are two completely different things. You use Report stats for analysis of Hero's play, so the Report stats you want about Villain are Villain's actions in response to Hero's actions.

    On the other hand, you want to use the HUD stats to look at Villain's actions - without reference to Hero's actions - just as if Villain was the Hero in a Report stat.

    I can provide you with both sides of HM1 Report Delayed CB stats for 6max.

    Even better, it sounds like you're playing HU. Fortunately, in HU play, it only takes a couple thousand Freq% stats to make a complete set of all possible Postflop plays - and I have done most of them. So, if HU is your thing, I can provide you with a complete set of HM1 HU Delayed CBet Freq% stats - no problem. Just send me a PM if you're interested.
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