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    Default Hotkeys - How they should work

    There has been some confusion about how and when hotkeys should work, since we're different than TN1. We sincerely apologize for this, and we'd like to clear things up with this document.

    Two types of hotkeys
    There are two types of hotkeys - global and poker-related:
    - the global hotkeys work all the time, no matter what application is active, and no matter where the mouse is
    - the poker-related hotkeys, which work only when a table is active (when a table has the "Target table" frame color)

    The TN Icon in the system tray
    To quickly find out if hotkeys work, check out the TN2 icon in the system tray:
    - when this is green, all hotkeys are working
    - when this is red, poker-related hotkeys are not working, only the global hotkeys are working

    Special case:
    When we have "Table In Foreground" selected, and the mouse is hovering a table - all hotkeys work.

    Which is global and which is poker-related?
    By default, only two hotkeys are global: the "Toggle Hotkeys" hotkey, and the "Cycle to First In Line" hotkey.
    Starting with 2.2.20, there are four more hotkeys that are poker-related by default, but can be easily made global: Cycle Forward, Cycle Backward, Cycle to Next In Line, Cycle to Prev In Line. They now each have a "G" checkbox next to them - if you click it, the hotkey becomes global.

    Hotkeys containing Alt/Ctrl/Shift
    Please note that if you have a hotkey that contains Alt-, Ctrl-, Shift-, that hotkey will come into action only AFTER you have depressed all keys. For instance, for Alt-Shift-F, you need to press Alt,Shift,F and then unpress, F, Shift, and Alt (not necessary in this order).
    The reason for this is FullTilt - at FT, when scraping the pot, we're simulating Ctrl-A+Ctrl-C on the bet box and that can interfere with the hotkey if not fully depressed. We're working on removing this constraint - but for now, please be aware of it.

    Hotkeys on gamepad
    TN2 already supports gamepads - thus, you do not need an extra program to transform your gamepad actions into keys, and then for TN2 to understand those keys - that would end up being slow. You can add gamepad hotkeys just like with any key/mouse hotkeys.

    Overriding hotkey's "globality"
    Starting with 2.2.20, you can override any hotkey's "globality" - to force it being global or poker-related.
    Of course, please use caution, since once you've overridden something, changes are persistent (they will apply from forwards from now on)

    To change a hotkey's "globality", you need to modify a TN2 setting: Go to Setup tab, and press "Beta\config", in window opened press "Edit\Import".
    For each hotkey you want to edit:
    - you will set as Setting "default.[hotkey_name].is_global" (without the quotes)
    - [hotkey_name] is a placeholder for the hotkey you want to override. See below for the possible names.
    - As Value, you will set "1" (global) or "0" (poker-related),
    - then press the Set button.

    When you've edited all the hotkeys you wanted, you will press "Restart Table Ninja", which will restart TN and will care about your overrides:

    The [hotkey_name] can be one of the following (the brackets explain more about what the hotkey does):
    - bet (press "Bet/Raise" button)
    - cc (press "Check" or "Call" button)
    - fold (press "Fold" button)
    - left_button (Click By Location: Left Button)
    - middle_button (Click By Location: Middle Button)
    - right_button (Click By Location: Right Button)
    - inc_bet (Increment Bet)
    - dec_bet (Decrement Bet)
    - aa_check_fold (AA Check/Fold)
    - aa_fold_any
    - aa_call
    - aa_call_any
    - aa_raise
    - aa_raise_any
    - cycle_fil (Cycle to First In Line)
    - cycle_nil (Cycle To Next In Line)
    - cycle_pil (Cycle to Previous In Line)
    - cycle_forward
    - cycle_backward
    - sitout_next_hand_target_table
    - sitout_next_hand_all_tables
    - sitout_next_bb_target_table
    - sitout_next_bb_all_tables
    - layout_none (turn off Layout)
    - layout_cascade (Layout: Cascade)
    - layout_stack
    - layout_tile
    - layout_sat
    - layout_custom
    - close_table (Close target table)
    - close_all_tables
    - toggle_tourney_break
    - toggle_hotkeys
    - post_blind
    - all_in (set "All In" as bet, but don't click the "Bet" button)
    - all_in_click_bet (set "All In" as bet and click the "Bet" button)
    - set_table_aside1 (move table to Set-Aside 1)
    - set_table_aside2
    - set_table_aside3
    - set_table_aside4
    - set_table_aside5
    - set_table_aside6
    - set_table_aside7
    - set_table_aside8
    - set_table_aside9
    - set_table_aside10
    - handle_popups1 (Handle Popups 1)
    - handle_popups2
    - handle_popups3
    - handle_popups4
    - show_lobby (Show the lobby corresponding to the active table)
    - join_waitinglist
    - register_tourney

    Example: to make the "Check/Call" hotkey global, you'll write "" as Setting, and "1" as Value, then click "Set".
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