Are the 20k hands used for Hud the most recent ones?
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    Default Are the 20k hands used for Hud the most recent ones?


    I want to analyse my stats and I use the pop up in the reviewer of my own hud stats for that. They only show 20k hands and I am fine with that, as long as I can be sure that thoose are the most recent 20k hands I played. I know that I can change that somehow to include more hands but I actually like only using my newest hands for analysis since my game still changes a lot.

    Can I be sure that the 20 k hands are the most recent hands I played and not some hands I played a couple of month ago?

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    In the replayer--> settings---> the maximum amount of hands is set to 20.000 by default.
    If you set it to 0 it will use all hands.

    Yes, they are the most recent 20.000 hands.

    If you've played 20.000 hands---> and your 'last number of hands filter is set to 20.000 hands'---> yet it only shows stats on for example 7.000 hands in the replayer this is because the 'last 20.000 hands' will add up CASH and TOURNAMENT hands.
    So if your most recent 20.000 hands are a MIX of 13.000 tournament hands, and 7.000 cashgame hands---> when you replay a cashgame hand it will only show stats based on those 7.000 hands.
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