Exported hands (Anon-Microgaming) doesn't import to HEM
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    Default Exported hands (Anon-Microgaming) doesn't import to HEM

    Hello guys

    I played the Anon-tables on microgaming for a couple of hours but had forgotten to import hands while playing. When I imported after my session, only around 200 hands were imported.
    I then manually exported all my hands for the day from the client (Preferences -> Hand History) to my desktop and tried import them into HEM. However, nothing happened. The .txt file was imported, but no hands imported.

    Does this mean that these exported hands are not supported by HEM? Are there any solutions?

    The best regards, chrrrist.

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    We currently don't supported the exported hands format from the Microgaming client.

    We already have a bugticket on this, HM-1355. I've added your email address to the bug ticket, so you'll be automatically notified when it is fixed and this is supported.
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    Alright, thank you.

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