How do i use a uploaded hud?
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    Default How do i use a uploaded hud?

    I have found a nice little hud that i would like to use.

    Could someone please tell me how i do about using it?

    I have opened HUD OPTIONS and clicked on IMPORT 1.0 and uploaded but nothing happened?

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    Was the HUD you found created in HM1 or HM2?

    What's the name of the HUD? If the HUD is also called 'default' (your main HUD is also already called default) it may not overwrite with the HUD you're trying to import.

    The only way to fix this, is to manually edit the .xml file (with a text editor like Notepad), and change the name of the HUD.
    The name should be written twice to the file:

    near the end
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    I created a hm1 hud named "myhud" , exported it . Then i created a new hud in hm2 so i don't try to overwrite the default one , but it still doesn't work.

    Edit - Apparently in HUD options when you expand the window where you pick the hud you can scroll down , i noticed that only now.

    Sorry , you can delete my post.
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