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    Yesterday I bought and imported the NCE HOldem Essentials package. I already had NCE PLO installed.
    After that I hand 221 pending actions to perform, like this: createnotes for definition 3betcallrange
    removenotes for definition x
    createnotes for definitiion x
    removenotes for definition y
    createnotse for definition y

    I let the tasks run throught the night, the next morning all tasks were complete,
    now I restart the computer, and again all the 221 peding actions are there again...

    should I just delete the tasks and ignore it?



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    I would say check if you have holdem data for players using the HM2 replayer. If so, then yes you can delete. I'm not too sure how that would happen (filters maybe?) but it's definitely not an optimal user experience. If there is missing holdem data, I recommend a full reset/recreate

    How to reset NoteCaddy notes - Assaultware Wiki
    NoteCaddy Manual | Coaching Packs | Blog
    NoteCaddy experts: a.k.aAlso, Catalyst_Kh, Derders, karstenkloss, scoobediah (NoteCaddy Edge)

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