TN2 updates (current build = 2.8.69)
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    Default TN2 updates (current build = 2.8.69)

    This link is for manual download for the latest build .
    TN2 gets fresh updates on its start.

    To not miss latest beta:
    Start TN2, go to the Setup tab
    and enable this:
    I want beta updates
    then restart TN2 - it will do automatically update to the fresh build (if it exists on our server).
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    current build is:
    Fixed issues for Party after client updates

    Updated Spin'n'Go Sensei to work on

    Restored Sensei functionality after PS renamed "Register" button.

    PS Spin Sensei works again
    Fixed betting on Party after their client update

    Fixed wrong betting in PS tournaments

    - Early BETA support for 888
    - Early BETA support for new iPoker client
    - small fixes

    we have updated the SNG Sensei to address the PokerStars UI changes.

    - PS: take into account's pot rectangles - those that include "Contributed" in POT
    - fix: TN2 not working on Win8
    - fix: when checking if the user is around borders, sometimes TN2 would not compute that correctly
    - PS: Close Table /Close All Tables hotkeys work correctly
    - fix: Party: preset bets in tourney contain decimals

    Fixed issue "PS hides the Fold button when can Check"

    Added support for

    * fix: sometimes TN2 Spin and Go registering to one extra Spin
    * PS: show that when mouse is near the edge of the borders, or over the title, hotkeys don't work
    + options to make hotkeys work
    * improvements for dealing with High DPI Monitors (4K)
    * PS: recognizing of themes is consistent, and cares about Tourney/Ring tables
    * fix: TN-374 TN2 Info tab not clicked on PS
    * fix: (Party) TN2 Advance Check/Fold not working when Fold option available only
    * correctly handle

    Fixed betting hotkey issues on Party

    * Restored TN2 work on PartyPoker after client's update
    * Fixed issue with "Sitout next BB" hotkey on PokerStars

    * Fixed Spin and Go Sensei

    * Added support for Pokerstars NJ (BETA)

    - Spin & Go : take into account latest update from PS (no more Ronaldo promotion)
    - 888 improvements - sometimes some buttons remain hovered. Take that into account.

    - fixed spin & go for,,,,
    - fixed problem on classic theme - sometimes at smaller table sizes, it would compute pot correctly
    - now re-recognizes new 888 client - tables are recognized again
    - fix for Borgata poker - presets work now

    * improved I'm Back/Timebank processing
    * improved Sitout Next Hand/Sitout Next BB (when you're sitout, you see a message)
    * improved speed of computing Pot on Full Tilt
    * fix: Open replayer HK on Pokerstars not working on Nova or Black theme

    - updated the POT rectangles for Pokerstars Classic Theme
    - Pokerstars: allow the newest Spin&Gos
    - Increment/Decrement hotkeys - work only as long as you have the hotkey pressed\

    fixes to adhere to PS + FT latest 3rd party regulations

    * PS.UK has changed location of POT rectangles. Now computing POT correctly (except for Classic/NoImages themes)
    * fix FT: find the right HH, now that each cash table has an Entry
    * improvement FT: rush - need to compute differently if a table is rush or not - guess, based on number of players
    * improvement FT: computing rush based on number of players in last hands, and then after 10 hands, caching it.
    * [BETA] made hotkey buttons - editing works (adding/removing buttons from/to Edit Buttons Form/Buttons Form)
    * fix: logging: write the current thread to the log correctly
    * fix: tn-299 - Spin-and-Go now works since PS added new types of Spin-and-go.
    * fix: on Win10, if can't read Pokerstars' full path first time, don't cache it - try again in a bit
    * improvement: TN2mini - send numpad/backspace to betbox -> this used to be incorrect (we would register the Backspace/numpad hotkeys for all windows, not just the tables)
    * fix issue on Win10/FT: hotkey not properly un-registered
    * fix: hotkeys are written into Help tab
    * improvement FT: settings are now saved as the user presses "OK" (on FT) - thus, re-read settings ASAP
    * improvement: find out if win10 is running
    * fixed bug when NinjaVision is enabled - sometimes TN2 would crash
    * improvement: tn-249 - Sensei feature request: Unregister all and stop. We now have a button "Unregister All".
    * fix: TN2 Auto closing Rematch Popups in PS in HU tables
    * TN2mini: Now can run the SNG/Spin Sensei in the "No UI" client.
    The idea is that you start the UI client, you can then set a hotkey to pause/resume the sensei. Then you close the UI, start the "No UI" client, and use the hotkey.
    * TN2mini: messages that normally would appear in the Help section are now shown as tooltips.
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    * fix: FT - compute POT correctly while scraping screen (check this checkbox: Experimental >> Full Tilt: Find out Pot by scraping screen)
    (9-max/6-max/2-max Racetrack/Classic)
    * fix: 288 TN2 Vision Dock Window on small monitor
    * fix: 289 TN2 Vision dock window Resize button not working
    * FT: improvements on computing the street
    * fix: tn-259 TN2 I'm back not working on Party Poker tournaments
    * fix: tn-292 TN2 Auto handle Tournemnt Buyin Popup not working in FTP
    * several improvements on computing preflop presets

    * new feature: Spin & Go Sensei
    * fix ft: sitout all tables works
    * fix ft: pot computed correctly when scraping screen for FT
    * bug fixes related to mouse hotkeys (sometimes they stopped)

    * added
    * - recognize correctly the FT lobby
    * fix: client Hand Histories - recognized correctly now
    * fix: no more sitouts on Pacific when you can only fold or allin
    * fix: if TN2 Popping up of tables is disabled, now Display/Frames are working correctly
    * improvement: handle the new format of the Party Poker Auto handle Tournament Reg Popup
    * fix: TN2 Ipoker send numpad/backspace to bet box not working
    * several iPoker improvements
    * suggestion by user: allow all play-money tables in TN2 Standard license

    - added Global STA hotkey - that puts the table into the first empty "Normal" slot ; or back to its original location (if already in a slot)
    - added more slots for filtering now have 16 slots : added hotkeys for moving to these slots + filtering
    - several slots with the same filter -> spread tables across
    - this even works if you have several filters/several slots (like, two filters "seat_count = 6", two filters "bb > 100" and two empty filters)
    - Least Occupied Slot now ignores the filtered slots
    - can filter by title - comparison against something is done like this:
    title = "some_text" or title != "some_text""
    If some_text begins with %, means you're looking for title ending in text
    If some_text ends in %, means you're looking for title starting with text
    If some_text is like %text%, means you're looking for title containing text
    - fix: TN2 Not closing the Auto rebuy option on Cash tables Party Poker
    - fix: works correctly for PP tourneys

    - fix: TN2 Sensei Don't Register If At Least
    - fixes for PS7 (it did not compute colors correctly)
    - allow having the "Unmarked" color
    - fix: tn-228 (TN2 Multi-Stack layout, Player_count filter not working)
    - made pin-to-taskbar work on both Win7 and Win8
    - solved issue with new update from

    * fix: when finding out the pokerstars sub-site - care about the whole "pokerstars." string
    * iPoker: Right now, iPoker is in Early-BETA - Please check Experimental >> iPoker: work for any skin
    Please test on Play-money tables first!
    * account for the fact that PS does not write SaveMyHands path if it's default
    * Auto I'm Back - write a message if we need to click I'm back on a table (that is not foreground)
    useful for iPoker / Full Tilt (where clicking I'm back no a table, would bring it to foreground, something you do not want)
    * improved presets on PS / FT / PP

    * fix: TN2 Display Disappears from Display window (tn-202)
    * 888 cash tables are now ignored completely. This is due to 888 Network's policies, TN2 only supports SnG/Tournaments on 888.
    * new feature Annoyances >> "Don't click I'm back/Timebank on hovered table"
    selected -> for the table under mouse, we don't click I'm back/Timebank, so that you can get tooltips on where you hover the mouse
    unselected -> we'll click I'm back/Timebank on all tables (old/default behavior)
    * new feature: Popup >> "Don't bring TUM to foreground if mouse is moving"
    If true, we don't bring mouse to fg while mouse is moving, in order to make TN2 TUM + layout more responsive
    * fix: PS7 SNG Sensei would not save your selection unless you would click "Sit & Go Tournament Filter".
    * improvements on TN2 speed for Table Under Mouse + Cascade/Tile/Multi-stack (that sometimes caused flickering)
    * allow extensions of trial to work for PokerTracker users
    * [BETA] (checkbox) Experimental >> iPoker: Work for any skin, without any skin setup
    if selected, allow finding out if it's player's turn for iPoker, no matter of what ipoker skin you have
    same for recognizing if middle button is Check or Call
    * fix: import from TableNinja1 now takes into account Annoyances as well
    * small 888/iPoker fixes

    * Ninja Tile layout: choose which slot is the main/grid slot, allow editing all slots
    * Ninja Tile layout: Keep in grid hotkey
    * new feature: allow turning off Gamepad listening (in case customer is using Xpadder as well)
    * fix: Sensei could not save filters on
    * fix for "." in windows username

    * fix: TN2 Multi Stack Layout Filter Hotkeys not showing but work (tn-173)
    * fix: TN2 : can't move parts on vision tile (Edit Layout)
    * fix: TN2 Preset bets not working on FTP if TN2 is started before FT, and the FT client is .eu or .uk
    * fix: Positional filters now work in betting when combined with another filter (tn-128)
    * fix: TN2 Not closing the Auto rebuy option on Cash tables Party Poker
    * fix: multi-stack: don't auto redistribute tables after tables get closed and other tables are opened (tn-169)
    * new setting: Reapply layout >> new checkbox "Move Table Aside tables back into the layout"
    if checked, when you reapply the layout, all table aside slots are moved back into the layout
    if unchecked (default), table aside slots remain where they are
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    Fix PokerStars Sensei for client7
    a) Sensei support in PS7 is "Early beta" so far, so please try (for the beginning) on PlayMoney or cheap SNGs.
    b) You should re-save all your Sensei filters with PS7 lobby opened. Or create new filters and save them.
    c) To have Sensei working, PS7 lobby should be set and look as on this picture:

    * Fix now recognized

    * new hotkey (beta): Fold + Watch for Pokerstars Zoom
    - when your turn, click it Fold and let you watch the hand
    - click it again, and it will advance you to the next hand
    * improvement: PS Presets: for preflop 3bets, you can bet a multiple of the last raise.
    For instance, if villain bets $6, you can have a preset of 2.5x , which would bet $15
    * fix PS Presets - sometimes we would count an extra limper when in tourneys

    * fix : solved issue when moving the mouse really fast and pressing a hotkey while moving the mouse

    * improvement: BWIN Premium now detected by TN2
    * solved Pokerstars "Notes" being hidden while hovered

    * PS7: handling of buyin popup works correctly (when you can't buyin for your desired sum)
    * PS7: handling of Auto rebuy/double rebuy/addon works correctly
    * PS7: handling of Tourney Registration Popup works correctly
    * PS7: recognize correctly the Hand Histories
    * I'm back/ Timebank - improved speed

    New feature:
    Tile layout, new checkbox "I want a fixed number of X slots"
    -unchecked (default) - behavior is as now, if can't add a new slot, we'll overlap existing tables so that new table fits
    -checked - we use a set number of slots, so that you always know where the slot locations are
    * Tile layout, new checkbox "Put new tables on empty slots"
    -unchecked (default) - when a new table is opened, we rearrange all slots so that there are no empty gaps, and put the new tables at the end
    -checked - if there are empty slots, put the new tables there. Otherwise, put tables at the end
    * fix: for a very few customers, when moving table to/from set-aside, it would not update completely

    * fix: set table aside - sometimes the set aside table would lose focus before you acted on it
    * improvement: allow customers to click on Auto rebuy details, after we've set them the default
    * fix: FT Hand Histories recognized correctly for rush tables (when joining the same table several times) (8355)
    * fix: FT + autotimebank - the border around the FT action table would flicker
    * improvement: When hotkeys are off, stop handling any popups
    * fix: joining rush poker tables now works
    * fix: sending numpad/backspace on Win8 now works

    Build Notes
    * fix: when manually clicking buttons, TN2 correctly moves you to the next table having action
    * fix: when manually clicking buttons, TN2 enters the preset bet only once

    Build Notes
    Fix - Don't round Preflop bets
    Fix - Round all bets not working

    * improvement: if a thread is taking too much CPU time, dump an alert
    * fix: don't click I'm ready when at final tables (when auto clicking I'm Back)
    * NinjaVision: allow specifying where the Preview for NinjaVision tiles window should be placed
    we're reusing that same location for all docks
    * further speed improvements for SNG Sensei
    * further speed improvements for Ninja Vision
    * further speed improvements - when you have lots of tables which have popups that we don't auto-close
    * fix: Popup >> Advanced >> If mouse is hovering a table (steal focus and activate Target table) checked
    If I manually click on the lobby, and then hover a table - if there's action at any table, we'll steal focus and activate it
    * new feature [BETA]: TN2 can now automaticall place windows into Set-table-aside slots
    New Tables: you can set an STA slot to automatically place new tables until you decide what to do with them
    Unseated Tables: you can set an STA slot to automatically place tables where you're not seated at in this slot
    (until you close them, or seat at them)
    With Popups: tables that have a popup are placed into this slot, so you can easily answer the popups
    Priority: first New Tables, then Unseated Tables, then With Popups
    (if a table is both Unseated, and with a popup, it will go to Unseated slot)
    * fix: tournaments: sometimes we ignored antes the first few hands, when reading Hand Histories
    * improvement: allow gamepad handler to be run on a dedicated thread (Setup >> Optimizations)
    * improvement: if gamepad on a different thread -> every gamepad button acts only once
    (if you keep it pressed for longer, we only care about the first button press and ignore the rest,
    until you fully unpress the button and press it again). This makes sure that if you have a hotkey, for,
    lets say "Bet", if you press it a bit longer, it won't end up betting on 2 or 3 tables.
    * improvement: forcing redrawing of PS tables as they are moved (sometimes they did not get fully painted)
    * improvement: multi-stack: Cycle Forward/Backward/Next-in-line/Prev-in-line by default work across all stacks
    You can also set it to : Stack containing table under mouse, Stack containing active table
    * improvement: timebank clicked every half a second (used to be every 5 seconds)
    * improvement: auto I'm back clicked every half a second if it's not player's turn
    * fix: TN2 Round all bets disabled did not allow changing from BB to SB or vice versa

    - fix for cpu issue
    - gamepad on main thread again

    * improvement: allow not rounding preflop bets (X bb + Y limpers)
    * improvement - update BB HUD after hand is over (so that you know how many blinds you have if you've won a pot)
    * improvement - handle the case when Pokerstars writes its settings into the Program Files folder
    * improvement on speed: listening for gamepad on a different thread
    * improvement - computing window titles on different thread -> make TN2 much more responsive on computers with antiviruses/firewalls
    * fix: TN2: Close all tables does not work on PP
    * fix: TN2: Register for SNG fails because of changed client popup
    * fix: sometimes ninjavision tiles would get hidden behind other windows

    * Ninja Vision: easier resizing of docks
    * Ninja Vision: allow minimizing of docks
    * improvement: auto handle the PS "Seat Me" button
    * fix: [BETA] blinds computed instantly on PP tournaments
    * improvement: TN2 now show BB/M for FTP/PP - both HUD and NinjaVision HUD

    * Early beta: Ninja Vision HUD
    * Ninja Vision: allow setting Fold/Action hands opacity
    * Ninja Vision: allow flashing of action tables
    * Ninja Vision: speed improvements for "Involved in Hand" dock
    * Ninja Vision: by default, empty slots will remain empty (new tables are placed there)
    * fix: SB limpers included as limpers in non-Heads-up games

    * Ninja Vision: Party fix, cards shown correctly
    * Ninja Vision: speed improvements:
    - [BETA] Scrape is-player-turn/pot on a dedicated thread
    - [BETA] [ADVANCED] Run ninja vision on a different thread
    * Ninja Vision: allow easily zooming the tiles

    * [Early BETA] Ninja Vision -
    * improvement multi-stack - allow up to 16 stacks
    * fix: antes recognized correctly on Party - while parsing Hand Histories

    * increased number of tiles on "Tile" layout - you can tile more tables
    * fix: Party works even on 32bit machines
    * fix: TN2 Toggle On a Tourney Break not working
    * fix: TN2 Clicking fold on FTP opens Run it twice instead of fold
    * new feature: "Ignore child windows when using mouse wheel"
    If checked, when we're hovering a table child window, such as the PS's chat, we will not eat the wheel (thus,
    it will work in the PS chat)
    If unchecked, we always eat mouse wheel if the user is hovering a table (this was the default behavior)
    * new feature SNG Sensei >> [BETA] On new cycle: start where we left off (8014)
    If checked, on subsequent cycles, it will first skip the tourneys it already registered you to. For this, you need to check
    the option 'Sorting... >> Enrolled descending', and the SNGs for a given filter need to have the same number of players.
    If unchecked (default), on subsequent cycles, it will start registering you from the beginning of the list.
    * fix: TN2 Click sit out all tables does not enable this option at all tables

    * fix: while auto-upgrading, Table frame colors were lost while upgrading to 2.2.259. They will revert to defaults and work correctly from now on
    * Multi-stack : by default, new tables are placed in least occupied stack

    * fix: Table Control >> Popup >> Eat Enter - only when there's action at the target table
    * Table Control >> Popup - by default, we're in "Basic" mode, hiding most of the complicated features
    * new feature: Table Control >> Popup >> Steal Focus Brings First In Line (default = false)
    This applies only for "Bring to Foreground (steal focus)"
    If enabled and an application steals focus, when a new table needs action, we steal it back and bring the FIL table to foreground
    If disabled and an application steals focus, when a new table needs needs action, we steal it back and bring this new table to foreground
    * fix: Stack layout + PS Popping up tables needing action -> now we don't move anything to top of stack
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + Stack - when i move mouse away, if there is no action at any table, sometimes another table comes to top

    * improvement: allow
    * start listening to hotkeys only after the main TN window is shown
    * improvement: non global hotkeys work only when lobby is selected, not on its popups
    * fix: Party, when rounding to a number that has a fractional part, and can't know the decimal separator from the title
    * improvement: if antivirus found, show warning, and show you, in case you have lags, how to put TN2 as Exception
    * improvement: if we find that we take too much CPU, we inform you, and show you possible causes
    * Fold/CC/BR Lag - the default is "No lag", and moved from Experimental to Advanced
    * automatically turn off Advanced Multi-table Options >> Highlight Bet Amount for Pokerstars
    * scrape for Hand Histories even when usernames contain weird characters (' ', ':', etc) (8135)
    * fix: sometimes SNG Sensei would pause with the error "The choices in the search box have probably changed. Please set up your search again and re-save it."
    * improvement: SNG Sensei allows now to specify sorting of columns in Pokerstars - see SNG Sensei >> "Sorting..." button
    * fix: TN2 Auto double Rebuy and Add-on now working PS (8254)
    * fix: buyin handled correctly on Ante tables

    * fix: presets wrong on PS Zoom tables on Nova theme
    * fix: preset bets wrong on PLO/FTP
    * fix: TN2 Clicking on FTP Cashier goes behind FTP Lobby when TN2 is open
    * fix: TN2 Ninja tile layout If in sit out mode table goes out of stack
    * fix: TN2 When you fold on FTP in Ninja tile layout it puts the table out of stack and stays
    * fix: TN2 Wrong Preset Bet on Party on 0,50/1 blinds
    * fix: guard against "round to 0 bb", and against Auto Accept Waitlist >> "Max No. of tables" (7895)
    * fix: TN2 Does not auto accept waitlist seats on FTP or PP
    * fix: TN2 Auto Accept Tournament registration Popup not working on PartyPoker
    * fix: TN2: Cancelling layout edit makes managing window unusable

    * fix: Custom + Table Under Mouse + After I act, go to first in line - tables pop up correctly
    * improvement: auto-closing the "Show Lobby"/"Close" popup for registering on tourneys + register to identical if full (7957)
    * improvement: automatically turn off 'New Tourneys take focus' on Pokerstars
    * fix: NinjaTile does not put table in first avaiable slot when TA used additionally
    * fix: bring mouse to table in FG does not work with overlapped tables
    * fix: SNG Sensei + Classic Lobby -> SNG Sensei does not pause
    * improvement: TN2 works on other dpi resolutions (125% dpi, 150% dpi, etc)
    * fix: decimal point recognized correctly after PP's latest change in titles
    * fix: Auto closing a PS HU tourney - declines rematch + auto closes tourney even if not enabled
    * improvement: more safeguards when re-clicking buttons on PS/FT
    * fix: now Advanced Fold works correctly on Party
    * improvement: Presets for Party are set even if Party tables are not in foreground (like for PokerStars)
    * fix: manually de-activating a site will stop handling its popups
    * fix: TN2 Selecting the wrong Pokerstars site in Sensei causes a Fatal error
    * fix: TN2 Auto handle Buyin popup not working on PS when you're using Classic Lobby theme

    * fix: now Advanced Fold works correctly on Party
    * improvement: Presets for Party are set even if Party tables are not in foreground (like for PokerStars)
    * fix: manually de-activating a site will stop handling its popups
    * fix: TN2 Selecting the wrong Pokerstars site in Sensei causes a Fatal error
    * fix: TN2 Auto handle Buyin popup not working on PS when you're using Classic Lobby theme

    * fix: Autoclosing SNG in FT sometimes autoregisters in one more
    * fix: on some PCs, "Register Tourney" did not work on PS
    * fix: "limpers" filter works
    * improvement: You can now specify if Numpad keys are to be different than Digit hotkeys
    Setup >> "Numpad hotkeys act as Digit hotkeys"
    - if true (default), the numpad numbers are the same as the digits
    - if false, the numpad hotkeys are different than the digit hotkeys (as in TN1)
    * fix: TN2 Auto handle Tournament registration Popup not working FTP

    * fix: No Snap Back works even if you manually move the table and re-press the STA hotkey (just like in TN1)

    * fix: No-snap-back imported correctly from TN1
    * fix: - ignore the "Chat" combo box when saving the SNG Sensei filter
    * improvement: Auto I'm back - will now click the "I'm back" button in 500 milliseconds from its being shown
    * fix: TN2 Popup active table turned off + Table Under Mouse + Stack - sometimes another table used to steal focus from the active table
    * fix: Sensei did not work correctly around midnight
    * fix: limpers on HU games recognized correctly
    * fix: antes recognized correctly on presets - for cash games
    * fix: Preset filters were not applied in the correct order
    * fix: Pokerstars: Change Felt Color/Background Color not counted as popups anymore
    * fix: TN2 Ninja Tile layout + Cycling fw/bw did not work correctly if the there's just one table needing action
    * fix: Sensei shows Total number of SNGs even when not running
    * new feature: Sensei shows Total number of SNGs since TN start
    * fix; Click by location on Party - when Check/Fold is shown, auto-click Check
    * fix: Auto Click I'm back won't check the "Wait for BB" on Nova theme
    * improvement: popups handled instantly
    * improvement: the HUD (such as, BB) is updated instantly
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + Stack layout + PS and FT tables - when action on PS table and FT table needs to come to top,
    the next-in-line would stop coming to the top
    * fix: Party tables recognized correctly even if separator is ','

    * new feature: 'Save Current Hand' hotkey - which will save your HH into a sub-directory of where TN2 keeps its settings (c:\Users\User_name\AppData\Roaming\TableNinja.v2\ HandHistory)
    * fix: SNG Sensei will care for manually registered SNGs as well, like TN1
    * fix: Ninja Tile : PS tables don't go to grid as soon as a new hand is dealt

    * fix: SNG Sensei will care for manually registered SNGs as well, like TN1
    * fix: "No Snap Back" checkbox for Set-Aside tables (default = unchecked)
    If checked, a table moved that Set-Aside slot, will stay there forever
    * improvement: PartyPoker: PartyNJ client now recognized
    * improvement: older version of HM1 recognized
    * improvement: when TN2 starts, always bring it to foreground
    * fix: When fg on another app = steal focus, once another app steals focus, don't steal it back
    * fix: Visually Show When TN is waiting for action to complete - don't show any "busy_cursor" messages


    * Experimental: Remove Lags when using the Fold/Check/Call/Bet/Raise hotkeys - 3 options
    - Normal (default) - the lag is 50-100 ms. Once you press the button, we will check to see if it was pressed on the next cycle (50-100ms later)

    - No Lag by Rescraping to see if the button was pressed - after you press the button, we check to see if it was pressed (sometimes we need to press it twice). If it was pressed, we move to the next table having action, instantly

    - No lag by Moving table to bottom (the most powerful, but might be risky if you use the Cycle hotkeys a lot) This will instantly go to the next table having action. It will move the table you acted on to the bottom, and on the next cycle, will check to see if the button was really pressed. If it wasn't, it will press it again (even if the table is at the bottom).

    * fix: if TN2 does not popup the tables, we don't bring any tables to top (in Stack layout, for instance)
    * fix: Stack layout + focus on another application that is maximized -> we now show the border on top of the application, to show when there's action at a table
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + registering for SNG - won't bring mouse to the first-in-line table
    * fix: Table In Foreground + Manual Table - "I move mouse away from the table" -> unforce manual table when moving mouse away
    * fix: Stacked + Table Under Mouse + if mouse is on a table that is set-aside, bring the next table needing action to top will not steal focus from existing table. Note: you need to have "Bring Table Under Mouse to Foreground"
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + Stacked layout + click on a table - tables did not always popup after that
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + Ninja Tile + After I act on a table, go to First in Line -> now advances you to next table correctly
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + Tile - sometimes tables would spazz out until you clicked one
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    Build notes:
    * hot fix: when "Apply DEFAULTs only at target table" is unchecked, PS tables don't steal focus anymore
    * new feature: checkbox "Only work if NOT Player's Turn" for Advance Actions
    * improvement: hotkey for showing Replayer (for now, works for Pokerstars-only)
    (default = disabled)
    * fix: sometimes Replayer for Zoom tables was considered a table
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + click a table in foreground - will not bring mouse to that table anymore
    * fix: experimental: for Table Under Mouse, you can have it activate a table only if mouse hasn't been moving for a while
    * fix: sensei: properly sort by "Enrolled", descending
    * fix: sensei: we will always register to new SNGs from top to bottom, ignoring SNGs we're already registered in
    * fix: sensei + single searcher - next cycle, it will auto-register on the last sng (because we already reached the end and we don't go to the beginning)
    * fix: reading PS themes - if PS file is locked, we ignore it and re-try in a while
    * fix: when the POT button is not available on FT, we won't try to set any default bets at that table
    * Table Control >> Set Aside - option about dealing with STA tables:
    - allow several tables in an STA Slot (TN2) - this is the default
    - allow a single table in an STA Slot (same as TN1)
    * fix: when antes come into play, improve computing of the number of limpers

    * fix: FT presets - detect limpers/3bet correctly
    note: sometimes, when antes are involved, we detect one less limper than there originally are. We are working on a fix, we should hopefully have it on the next release
    * fix: we now recognize FT rush tables
    * fix: we recognize correctly the hand histories of Multi-entry tourneys
    * new checkbox: Apply DEFAULTs only at target table (default = unchecked)
    If checked, DEFAULT bets are only entered at the target table (same as it was until now)
    If uncheckd, whenever possible, DEFAULT bets are filled as soon as it's your turn to act
    (at this time, this means all PokerStars tables)
    * fix: auto close tourney doesn't always work
    * fix: Table in Foreground + clicking a table from the taskbar now works correctly
    (active table won't steal focus)
    * Set-Aside-Table - hitting the hotkey twice will put the table back to its original location,
    no matter what table you press it on (as in TN1)
    * new feature: Layout >> "Show Next-In-Line behind Target" (default = on) -- the "next-in-line" is shown below the target table
    * experimental: for Table Under Mouse, you can have it activate a table only if mouse hasn't been moving for a while
    (so that if you move from Table A to Table B, we won't activate Table C as well if it's in-between)
    * fix: Stack layout - after you act on a table, and it's placed to the bottom, Cycle Backward key will navigate to it
    * fix: Deleting Sensei row sometimes did not delete the correct row
    * fix: Non active table stealing focus when clicking on desktop
    * fix: Table Under Mouse - Sometimes active table fails to come to foreground
    * fix: Sensei sometimes got error that We could not find a Searcher for Tourney X.
    * fix: sometimes Sensei registered to too many SNGs
    * allow downgrading: Setup >> Downgrade button will allow you to uninstall TN2, install a previous version
    We will stop the auto-update process until you go to Setup and click 'Get Latest Version'.
    Note that you can only downgrade to a version at least equal to 2.2.165
    * improvement: can enable/disable each type of frame now (for instance, you can disable "Needs Attention" frame)
    * fix: Display HUD works even if frames are disabled
    * improvement: SNG sensei optimization for when a Single Searcher is running
    * fix: recognize more desktop windows (like, when you're using the task switcher)
    * fix: reduced the occurence of "We have detected a lot of errors" message
    * no more "Action at table..." warning

    * hot fix: sometimes Sensei would not recognize when a tourney has ended
    * fix: disallowed sorting in Betting tab
    * fix: OSD displayed not saved correctly after restart
    * fix: sometimes only first zoom tables was recognized
    * fix: sometimes hotkeys were not working on some PS tables
    * improvement: sometimes you would get an alert saying there are too many errors when you were on an HM popup.

    * fix: sometimes importing settings from TN1 would issue error 'Cannot import TN1 hotkey'
    * improvement: easier way to get BETA updates - just a checkbox (in Setup tab)
    * fix: no more white boxes drawn on screen

    * improved: revamped the UI, made most user interface bigger
    * improved: revamped teh Betting UI, unified Presets + Betting into a simpler interface
    * improved speed of pokerstars updates
    * fix: minimizing PS lobby works now
    * removed 'A' as default Allin+click hotkey
    * fix: Tourney >> click "Info" tab checked - sometimes stole focus from active table
    * improvement: if we detect too many errors, show a warning to the user - probably something is misconfigured
    * improved speed of TN2 when playing 25+ tables
    * improvement: when Table in Foreground and you manually click on a table that has popups, that table is brought to foreground correctly
    * improvement: Table in Foreground + click on lobby - focus is not stolen
    * Join Waitlist - works on the lobbies themselves
    * fix: AA hotkeys work, for limit holdem
    * improved: importing TN1 hotkeys - import Numpad hotkeys as well
    * fix: FT PLO - pot computed correctly even for small sized tables

    * improved TN2's speed
    * improved closing of FT tables (no more errors)
    * improved: Ctrl-/Shift/Alt- hotkeys work instantly
    (for [Hotkeys >> Betting] hotkeys for FullTilt/iPoker -> we issue a warning - those hotkeys should not contain Ctrl-/Shift-/Alt-)
    * auto-update: now starts the setup kit silently
    * beta-only features are disabled in stable version
    * fix: Annoyances >> Cash Games >> Auto buyin - now remembered correctly
    * fixed lagging
    * FT : betting works even on small size tables

    * improved TN2's speed
    * improved closing of FT tables (no more errors)
    * improved: Ctrl-/Shift/Alt- hotkeys work instantly
    (for [Hotkeys >> Betting] hotkeys for FullTilt/iPoker -> we issue a warning - those hotkeys should not contain Ctrl-/Shift-/Alt-)
    * auto-update: now starts the setup kit silently
    * beta-only features are disabled in stable version
    * fix: Annoyances >> Cash Games >> Auto buyin - now remembered correctly
    * fixed lagging
    * FT : betting works even on small size tables

    * faster startup
    * revamped Setup tab - made easier to use
    * removed Updates tab

    * New features added to Table Control >> Popup >>"Popping up tables"
    * "Behave Like Pokerstars" button
    this will show you how TN2 can behave like Pokerstars when it comes to popping up tables
    * checkbox: Manual / "There is action on a new table (that table will steal focus from this table)"
    if checked, if you manually go to a table and that table does not have action,
    as soon as there is action on a new table, that tab
    will popup as active (this way, popping up of tables never pauses)
    * checkbox: "Count tables with popups as needing action"
    if checked, any time a table gets a popup, it will be added to the "Tables needing action" queue,
    and will popup as if it's your turn to act on that table
    * checkbox: [BETA] Manual / "If time is running low on another table"
    if checked, when you manually go to a table and that table does not have action,
    if there is a table that needs your action running low (namely, you would normally have 5 seconds left to act),
    that table will popup as active
    * improvements to the Setup Wizard + licensing process
    * improvements: importing settings from TN1 now overrides presets + betting hotkeys - when ran from the Setup Wizard
    * improvement: scraping the screen cares about removed tables about 5x faster than before
    * improvement: Sensei: can now enter custom values
    * fix: reapplying layout for Tile - compute layout ignoring tables aside
    * fix: Fatal Error when changing the Display Text
    * fix: Auto take a seat/Auto buyin Not working on PS
    * fix: Auto seat on FTP generating "You are allready seated at this table"
    * fix: Register for Tourney not working in PP
    * fix: TN2 Sensei Only keeps one filter all others are reset
    * fix: TN2 Sensei "Already registered for this tournament"
    * fix: TN2 Sensei resets Max Entrants on
    * fix: TN2 Sensei resets Buyin amount
    * fix: TN2 Sensei resets Min/Max buyin
    * fix: Sensei brings back focus to target table, once we've filled the SNG filter
    * improved: editing of advanced settings made much simpler
    * fix: when Table In Foreground + mouse over lobby, hotkeys should not work
    * fix: FT : closing the "You're already seated at the table" popups
    * turned off "Use 'Cycle to Table with Popups' hotkey to quickly cycle through them." warnings

    * new feature: "Reapply layout" hotkey, which will only ignore the set aside tables
    (once you move a set aside table back, it will be added as a new table into the layout)
    * new feature: "If Active Application fully covers the Table, just bring the Table's Frame to the top" - if it's selected:
    If you're in another application that is full screen and there is action at a table but you don't want TableNinja2 to steal focus from your active application, we will just bring the table's frame to the top with a HUD message:
    "Action at table ... Use Cycle to First In Line to get there"
    * new feature: Table Control >> Cycling >> Popup >> When Foreground in another Application and a Table requires action
    "If mouse is hovering a table, steal focus (and activate the Target Table)"
    if checked, when you hover any table with the mouse, the first table needing action becomes the Target Table
    * new feature: "Eat mouse hotkeys" - if false, we allow the original behavior as well
    (for instance, for Pokerstars a right click can mean "Fold" + edit themes)
    * improvement: User Access Control does not need to be turned off anymore, in order to run TableNinja2 however, we still recommend you have it OFF
    * added splash screen
    * improvement: improved how we set bets on full tilt:
    faster and when a failure occurs, we cache everything up to what failed, and try again in a few milliseconds
    * workaround: sometimes FT tables popped up in front of active table
    (because of clicking the FT timebank)
    now, as a workaround, we only click the timebank of the active FT table
    * improvement: renamed Setup >> 'Automatically uncheck "Popup table whenever action is required"' into
    Table Control >> Cycling >> 'Automatically uncheck "Popup table whenever action is required" in Poker Clients'.
    If we detect that you have a poker client that has "Popup table whenever action is required" turned on, and you have unchecked 'Automatically uncheck "Popup table whenever action is required" in Poker Clients', we turn off 'Popup table whenever action is required' in TableNinja2, and leave it on in the poker client.
    * "Show visually when TN2 is waiting for an action to complete" - now moved into Advanced tab, and by default is off
    * improved interaction with HM2: we don't steal focus from popups,
    + if you have action at table A but view popup at table B, when you move mouse away from popup, we'll get table to table A
    * fix: Rush Poker lobbies not considered as tables
    * improvement: don't try to scrape while table is minimized
    * fix: Custom layout: if window is minimized, don't consider the user moved it from slot
    * fix: Stack layout + "Bring window to foreground if mouse is hovering a table"
    - now brings the active table to the top behind the other application even if from another application
    * fix: Stack layout + "Do nothing" - now brings the active table to the top behind the other application even if from another application
    * improvement: when you're on a Manual Table (manually clicked it or cycled to it) and there is action on another table,
    we'll show this as a HUD messages: "Action at table ... Use Cycle to First In Line to get there"
    * improvement: new tables are recognized right away (no 2 second delay anymore)
    * improvement: if a table has a popup, it will still be part of the existing layout and it's still possible to cycle to
    * improvement: you can now choose "Do not show this again" on alerts
    * improvement: detecting if FT has animations off, and if no, we show a warning
    * improvement: TN2 works even if Ultramon/Tournament Shark is running
    * fix: some ipoker tournament lobbies were incorrectly recognized as tables (7665)
    * ipoker: automatically turn off Toast Notifications (TN2 needs this off in order to work correctly)
    * improvement: antes computed correctly and removed, when computing limpers
    * fix: street computed correctly on FullTilt (sometimes if computed too fast, it was interpret as the previous street)
    * improvement: we don't click the POT button on FullTilt/iPoker untless there's a pot bet
    (so if you have, lets say, the preset to 50% pot on turn, 4bb on the river, it will bet click the POT bet on the turn, in order to find out the pot, but it won't click it on the river - because we don't need it)

    * improvement: logging into HM account/entering license code is much easier now
    * fix: logging into HM account works even for users with Black (desktop) themes
    * removed "Install All Users" (TN2 now installs only for the current user)
    * new feature: checkbox (Experimental): "Show visually when TN2 is waiting for an action to complete" (the red line shown under mouse)
    * improvement: TN2 works even if Sharkscope HUD is running

    * Improved Memory Usage of both TableNinja/Aero process (dwm.exe)
    * solved : replayer not brought into stack

    * NEW SITE (Early beta): Basic iPoker support
    1. iPoker tables are recognized, all iPoker networks
    2. Betting hotkeys (Fold, Check/Call, Bet/Raise)
    3. AA Check/Fold hotkey works
    4. Pot betting works
    5. Presets work
    6. Allin + Allin+click hotkeys work
    7. Increment/Decrement betting hotkeys work
    8. Send numpad/backspace to betbox works
    Please note that out-of-the-box we support Titan and Betfair.
    However, adding your skin is very easy. Once you start your iPoker client, TN2 will recognize it,
    and ask you if you want to add a new theme. You can click Yes, then a wizard will show up,
    you need to take some screenshots, click "Compute Theme" and that's about it.
    We will add a video about it soon.
    * New feature: when TableNinja is waiting for a critical operation to complete that is outside our control,
    we will show a red line under the cursor. This is very important to watch for, since some operations such as scraping the current pot and/or clicking a button sometimes take longer than expected - and you should not move to another table while the current operation is in progress.

    * improvement: now showing alerts if you're running programs that interfere with TableNinja II (Ultramon, SharkScope, Tournament Shark)
    * fix: don't allow maximizing the Layout slots + realize when minimizing the Layout slots, so that we correctlly persist their location
    * fix: sometimes manually changing layouts a lot sometimes did not change the layout correcly
    * fix: manually changing to a layout and hitting cancel now goes back to the previous layout
    * fix: if your Layout slots were wrongly saved, you will get a warning - once you redo them, they will work correctly, even if you minimize them

    * fix: Auto-addon correctly checks "Auto-addon" on rebuy tourneys even if already checked (it does not just toggle it)
    * Custom layout: added new setting, to specify how to place new tables into slots:
    Incrementally (table 1 -> slot 1, table 2 -> slot 2, etc) or Nearest (depending on the table's location)

    * fix: TN2 When Maximized Writing in Sensei is left Aligned should be right Aligned
    * fix: Tile overlapped windows when not needed
    * fix: 3betting sometimes did not work on FTP
    * improved betting speed on FTP
    * improved moving of tables when on custom layout
    * Tile layout - arrange tables better on the X-axis
    * improved Multi-monitor support - from now on, we will recognize where the slots are,
    even if you plug/unplug monitors (and their offsets might change)
    * fix: tourneys freerolls/"The Big"/"The Hot" and others - are now recognized by TN2
    * fix: sometimes Backspace + Delete hotkeys gave error "Hotkey already used in [set_bet]" (HM-7537)
    * fix: ignore small windows from FullTilt (which used to generate lots of log entries)

    * new feature: "Manual Table" color (under "Target Table" color)
    this denotes how should we color a table that "breaks" the normal popping up of tables.
    To get this, you'll have to manually move to a table (manually click it or use the Cycle Forward or Backward hotkeys)
    To get back to the normal popping of tables, check out the "When I manually move to a Table, that table becomes the Target Table until" option
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + Stacked layout: if you cycle to a table and then move the mouse away from table, normal popping of tables resumes
    * fix: Table Under Mouse + Stacked layout: if you act on a table, and keep the mouse on the table, sometimes the next table would not popup
    * PRO versions: allow games besides Holdem/Omaha (such as Stud/Razz/etc)
    * fix: Auto timebank works
    * fix: in some cases antes were not removed when computing limpers

    * added video describing new features of Popping up of tables
    TableNinja II - Target Table Modes - YouTube (link accessible from the software itself as well)
    * added video describing how Layouts work
    TableNinja II - Table Layouts - YouTube (link accessible from the software itself as well)
    * added more features for popping up of tables:
    * When another application is in the foreground and a Table requires action:
    Bring it to Top just behind the Active Application
    Bring it to Top but keep the other Application in Foreground
    Bring it to Foreground (steal focus)
    Bring it to Foreground (steal focus) if the mouse is hovering a table
    Do Nothing
    * checkbox: If Hotkeys are OFF, Stealing focus from other apps is paused until you turn the Hotkeys ON
    * extra options when you manually move to a table
    * "cycle windows in Z-order option"
    * fix: while auto-updating, frames don't get set to white anymore
    * extra logging in case of problems with 3betting
    * fix: setting layout: none after a previous layout was set + all tables closed, it kept the previous layout
    * fix: while auto-updating, frames don't get set to white anymore
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    Build notes:

    * fix: Ninja Tile used to scrape the screen for the "current street" too many times
    * Display: can now select font for TN HUD. Also, changes take place real time.
    * added warning if PP/FT/PS is not ran under the same user credentials as TableNinja2
    * fix: send numpad to betbox on FT works now

    * Popup active table :
    * Toggle Hotkeys - turns off popping of tables completely (tables will never steal focus)
    Just in case you see TN steals focus from a HUD or from any app you want to use, just turn off hotkeys. Do whatever you want to do, then turn hotkeys back on.
    * "After I act on a table, go to First In Line" (for Table Under Mouse) - by default, unchecked
    if unchecked, it never moves the mouse - after you act on a table, it will bring the first-in-line table, behind the table under mouse
    if checked, it will take you to the first-in-line table, together with the mouse
    * even if you're on a different application such as skype, and the mouse is not over any table,
    the First-In-Line table will be shown just behind your active application
    * tweaks so that it's a bit faster now
    * Handle Popups: you can create Handle-Popups slots where table go when there's a popup that needs to be answered,
    such as "Get Chips" or anything else that might need answering, so that they don't interfere with the rest of your game
    * Send Backspace to bet box - now removes all digits

    * removed flickering of frames when action comes to a table before your active table
    * 3bet/limpers - use the TN1 way to compute them
    * fix: switching to Layout None did not work
    * fix: 3bet/limpers not considered in preflop bets on PP
    * logging of streets when it's your turn
    * Party: recognized tables correctly after their update (+ finds the corresponding HHs)
    * 3bet/limpers: works ok even if we can't find HHs for PS/PP

    * Ninja Tile: now it recognizes when you fold instantly, even if you click the buttons with the mouse
    (note: if using this for PokerStars, you need to have "Advanced Multi-Table Options/Single Click Activation" checked);
    * Ninja Tile: even if we cannot scrape your hand histories, we can see when a hand is over
    * Ninja Tile + Table Under Mouse fix: even if mouse is hovering a table in the grid, active table will still come to top of stack
    * fix: Add TA Slot - it does not show the "Save and Close" buttons
    * fix: closing the Layout Editor by clicking the 'x' button on the top-right saves the current layout + TA/HP slots
    * fix: Layout none + Popup Active table now works
    * frames are drawn faster now
    * fix: Display infos do not draw over each other
    * "send numpad to betbox" + "send backspace to betbox" - now work as expected + much faster than before
    * numpad hotkeys+Alt/Ctrl/Shift now work - for instance, Alt-1 will work both as Alt-1 and as Alt-Numpad1
    * PartyPoker : now TN recognizes correctly when you join several fastforward tables
    * fix: Auto closes other Single ok popups in PS/PP when option not ticked
    * fix: limpers/3bet computed correctly (except limpers for Party, will be fixed soon)
    * fix: trial over after 2-3 runs does not happen anymore

    * fix: mouse scroll lags
    * fix: layout Stacked + Table Under Mouse - when moving mouse away from table + back a lot of times, sometimes a new table would steal focus from the active table

    * improvement: cycling to a table (forward/backward or manual click) - until you act on it, if there's action on another table,
    it will popup behind the table you're at
    * fix: layout Stacked + Table Under Mouse - when moving mouse away from table + back a lot of times, sometimes a new table
    would steal focus from the active table
    * fix: manually clicking a table will stay on that table until you act there or cycle to another table
    * fix: cycle forward/backward to a table will stay on that table until you act there or cycle to another table
    * extra logging when TN clicks on the tables
    * Toggle Hotkeys off - now toggles off the mouse + gamepad hotkeys
    - keep the former version - this way we can always know exactly when customer is upgraded (for instance, to show alerts or whatever)
    * added advanced setting (wait_for_control_hotkeys_to_be_depressed) - set this to "0" for Ctrl-, Alt-, Shift- hotkeys
    to take effect immediately, instead after the Ctrl-/Alt-/Shift keys are depressed.
    IMPORTANT: you should set this to "0" only if you're not playing Full Tilt.
    * added hotkey for reporing problems, so we know exactly when the problem happened

    * small fix: if you don't want to have shown limper information, don't show it (default)

    * fix: tables would sometimes popup even if "Popup active table" was unchecked
    * limper bets (beta): reimplemented + you can visually see how many limpers TN2 thinks there are

    * fix: custom layout - pressing the STA key doesn't work, it moves the table back
    * fix: custom layout + TUM - next table does not popup when it's supposed to.
    * fix: tile/stack/cascade: pressing STA hotkey will bring too many tables back
    * fix: pressing Toggle Hotkeys key while there's an active table properly turns off all hotkeys
    * fix: TN2 Mouse scroll Increment/Decrement does not work Properly on PS

    * Cascade + Tile layout modes - always popup the active table + the first-in-line (right behind the active table,
    so you can get a quick peek at it)
    * improvement: window frames: now are shown faster
    * improvement: Popup active table - in case there's no action at the target table and the target table cannot be changed
    (for instance, you're in Table Under Mouse mode),
    but action is on another table, that table will popup just behind the target application
    * fix: Ninja Tile: sometimes the next table would not be brought to front

    * Toggle Hotkeys - it now toggles global hotkeys as well
    Now we have 3 possible icons in the tray bar:
    green: "All Hotkeys are working"
    half green, half red: "Only Global Hotkeys are working"
    red: "None of the Hotkeys are working";
    Note: you can always go to the icon on the traybar, and infer the above information from the tooltip
    * fix: frames were coming up as white after upgrade
    * New Feature: easier to edit table layouts with "Auto Preview":
    1. Manually change your layout (to Tile, Stack, etc)
    2. You'll be shown where the slots for the given layout are
    3. You can tweak this as you wish - you can move the slot, then click "Save (and close)"
    4. This will then apply the given layout from now on
    * performance stats: dump number of open tables as well
    * more information logged in case of scraping-the-table error
    * fix: in TIF mode sometimes cycle forward/backward did not work correctly

    * further CPU tweaks for Pokerstars + Fulltilt
    * logging statistics about TN2 responsiveness

    * extra performance tweaks (50+% faster compared to 2.2.28)
    * solved fatal error for PS (Bitmap already locked)
    * PS: recognizing tables even before you're logged in (or before you've sitted on them)
    * PS: correctly recognizing table replayers
    * lots of CPU performance tweaks
    * performance timing written in the logs - operations that takes too much CPU are logged
    * Cycle forward/backward hotkeys + Table Under Mouse -> moves mouse to the active table as well
    * FT + no preset bets - we do not scrape for the pot (thus, the bet box is not modified until a "bet" hotkey is pressed)
    * Pokerstars Replayer is not seen as a table anymore
    * logs: rename former logs correctly, even if >40
    * PS zoom tables: recognized correctly, after latest PS update
    * XButton/Middle-Button hotkeys: TN2 eats them, so they don't inadvertently change the active table

    * New Feature: Table Control/Eat "Enter" on active table when it's your turn
    (so that if you were for instance typing in Skype, you don't accidentally bet,
    while focus is being stolen from Skype)
    * New Feature: Table Control/Play a sound when focus is stolen from another app
    (so that if were for instance typing in Skype, you don't accidentally hit a hotkey
    while focus is being stolen from Skype)
    * frame color - doesn't get reset to white anymore (7367)
    * fixed: potsize recognized wrong on cap tables (7149)
    * setup kit - TN2 is launched under the user's credentials, not SYSTEM
    * fixed: TUM + using mouse clicks did not popup table having action
    * small fixes
    * support for PL 5/6 Omaha tables (FullTilt + PokerStars)
    * FT: support for PL Omaha games - pot is computed correctly
    * support for and
    * fixed: sensei registers for more tourneys, when you get moved to another table
    * fixed: TUM does not bring active table to the front in Ninja Tile layout
    * fixed: cycling to First In Line when focus is on another application
    * removed flickering of frames
    * fixed: presets: on FT, sometimes, it clears the bet box
    * Table Under Mouse works when HEM is running + showing HEM HUD popups
    * fixed: sometimes allin+click on PS did not click the "Bet" button
    * improved PS/PP allin+click behavior

    * fixed: TN2: NinjaTile layout works bad with FTP MTTs

    * warnings for known issues we're working on fixing, but customers should know about
    * updates by default are "Show Notification. You can choose to Install"
    * fix: TN2 AA Check/fold hotkey not working
    * fix: Sensei registers to too many SNGs
    * fix: warning about playing zoom tables on Ninja Tile
    * fix: 6992 - TN2 AA Check/fold hotkey not working
    * fix: 7168 TN2 Updates even though you have latest version
    * show in title if there's a new version on server
    * fix: Sensei Registering in too many 180-man tournaments

    * Join waitlist works for PP as well
    * right click as hotkey works on FT
    * FT: increment/decrement works even if betting increments different than 1BB
    * Auto-rebuy + Auto-addon work on PS
    * improving speed of Party
    * fixed : Auto close Finished Tournament after X seconds not working on Party Poker

    HM-7053- Cycling - Selections Should be greyed out if they have no use
    HM-6903 TN2 do not shows M if "show BB" is off
    HM-7037 TN2 Not saving option to close Finished Tournaments after TN2 restart
    HM-7052 TN2 - Setup Wizard - Hand History Directories
    HM-7085 TN2: Buttons and other controls in Sensei disappeared
    HM-7002 TN2 setup tab wizard hand history directories click the + symbol does
    HM-7092 TN2: hotkey "None" fills log with errors
    HM-7182 TN2 Time bank Sometimes does not work
    HM-7190 TN2 Auto Handles Tournament Registration Popup in FTP even if Option is unticked in TN2

    * fixed: Hotkey can not be added because of no 'Ins" button on Keyboard
    * fixed: Tile layout editing do not works
    * fixed: TN2 Preset bets wrong on Flop FTP
    * fixed: TN2 Preset bets not working when antes included
    * fixed: no more crash when starting SNG Sensei too fast
    * fixed: don't do any rounding if "Rounding of Bets" is unchecked

    * TN2 don't allow to accidentally close table - works correctly on FT/PP as well (7026)
    * fixed: TN2 Auto closes FTP SNG tables even though option not ticked in TN2
    * fixed: TN2 Auto closes FTP SNG tables even though option not ticked in TN2
    * ignore all Replayers
    * fixed: Betting Hotkey not working correctly
    * fixed: Sensei resets when can not find SNG lobby
    * fixed: Change Layout only comes into affect when you restart TN2
    * fixed: mouse jumps to the table when is not set to do this
    * fixed: allows to accidentally close SNG table
    * TN2 do not allows % of pot as preflop bet
    * TN2 Preflop 3bet not working on Poker Stars
    * TN2 Check/Fold not working on Party Poker
    * TN2 Staging License needs restart after Updating code
    * TN2 Can't write decimal seperator into the box using send numpad to bet box
    * TN2 Using Numpad adds to the bet amount in the bet box rather than replace

    * fixed several issues with bringing table into foreground
    * fixed problem with bringing lobbies to fg

    * Reimplemented popup active table ("Steal Focus from other apps if mouse hovers a table" checkbox)
    * Cycle to first in line became a GLOBAL hotkey
    * show display information even at tables not in focus
    * if tables are minimized and we have "Popup table whenever action is required" checked, show warning
    * improvements on TN2's speed (OSD)
    * fixed: Auto click I'm back ( Never sit out ) not working on FTP or PP
    * fixed: TN2 do not autocloses FTP tourneys
    * fixed: layout can not be saved
    * improvements on TN2's speed

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    - automatically select info tab for tournaments
    - show tableninja window when on a break
    - at end of trial, link to TableNinja 2 - Multi Table & Hot Key Poker Software
    - color + font + size for OSD (tickets 6920, 6864, 6822, 6903)
    - new OSD information: "Waiting seconds", "Next-in-line number", "Waiting Tables Count", "Table Number"
    - Set Hotkey to bring Site lobby to front for each site - works for FT/PP as well
    - Join Waitlist hotkey: works on PS + PP
    - Register for Tournament hotkey : works on PS + PP
    - Auto click I'm back : works for PP as well
    - TN2 visible in taskbar but not accessible (ticket 7080)

    * more logging in case problems with tables taking focus
    * allow running TN2 with someone else's settings

    * Table in foreground: when table having action is popup, and you click in another app, it won't force you back to TiF
    * Ninja Tile cares about the monitor that contains the stack.
    * fixed: wrong preflop betting on Party
    * FT: Sitout Next Hand and Sitout Next BB hotkeys work as expected
    * fixed: TN2 preset bets don't work on EUR tables
    * fixed: Allin+click do not works on some Stars themes
    * fixed: tiled tables do not get the same size

    * fixed: Sensei starts even if PS is not running
    * Sensei counting works correctly
    * Sensei: more logging + show which SNG is running
    * fixed: when table is full, it sits you at other tables
    * Sensei: keeps proportion of running SNGs (Concurrent SNGs at a time)
    * fixed: Inc/Dec bet does not work for "," decimal separator

    * removed "30 days" from start trial message
    * Sensei: added Pause/Resume functions
    * Sensei: solved bug when hovering checkbox (7009)
    * solved: FT & PS sometimes crash TN2

    * Fixed: TN2 Sensei resets Stars buyin filter
    * Fixed: TN2: Checkboxes in Sensei do not work correct
    * TN2: add Test button to Sensei
    * TN2 Sensei: add a SNGs Summary feature
    * TN2 Sensei: restore back Max per cycle/Seconds between cycles parameters as they were in TN1

    * Solved: PS allin + click sometimes does not click allin button
    * Solved: FTP layout recognized incorrectly
    * PP: fixed crash when PP was started on some PCs

    * HM2 can launch TN2
    * Automatically retrieve paths to HH folders

    * Importing settings from TN1 - complete
    * PP: all clients that are shown in are supported

    * PS: all supported PS themes work, including the ones from Tiltbuster

    * allow overriding PokerStars themes
    * added "License" button on setup tab

    * Re-vamped Table Control. Much better, faster, and quite a bit of new features!
    (see details here)
    * FT: "Click bet" works even when sometimes we need two clicks

    * re-vamped pot-betting/preset bets - now they work correctly + everything happens very fast (no lagging)
    * added Debug window - shows important log messages

    * - scrape works correctly now, after last PS update
    * FT : now fills bet box correctly even if sometimes clipboard fails
    * Extra explanations about UAC, AERO, running as admin
    * Default bets: now work even if you haven't filled all the streets (in case the value from a street is missing, it's simply ignored)
    * hotkeys disabled when editing bets or preset bets
    * FT : solved fatal error when opening tournament table
    * PS : correctly recognize if installed over the previous

    * detecting if User Access Control is on (and warning the user: it should be OFF)
    * detecting if we're running as administrative user (and warning the user: we should be administrative user)
    * FT : works for .eu and .com as well, even when decimal separator is ','
    * Stack Layout : use the exact position : even top+left of where the stack slot it
    * added hotkey on main page: "Allin + Click Bet"

    * Added "Set Table Aside" feature - you can add up to 10 slots
    * Added "Handle Popups" feature - tables that have popups can be moved to specific slots, so that they catch your attention faster

    * TN2 Standard: can play unlimited number of tables
    * FT: works correctly, even when hotkeys are digits or numpad
    * Wrong license codes (from TN1) recognized as such

    Initial official release

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