BUG: Hand history folder - Unable to select hidden folders
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    Default BUG: Hand history folder - Unable to select hidden folders

    My pokerstars HH are saved in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\PokerStars. I believe most of my programs can navigate to hidden folders (I have "do not hide hidden folders" selected, I've dealt with this lots) but for some reason I am unable to navigate to \AppData, nor am I able to paste the destination while browsing in "Setup > Hand History Folder > Add"

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    I as unable to reproduce this here is what i done

    1) Show hidden files http://faq.holdemmanager.com/questio...es+in+Windows+

    2) went to setup > Hand History folder > add

    3) navigated to C > users > your name > app data > local > Pokerstars > hand history

    4) clicked add

    And it worked can you please try this if you are still having problems let us know and post a screenshot of where you get stuck.


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    Hmm it's there today! Appdata and the other hidden folders were not displaying in
    C > users > my name >
    during installation or immediately afterwords. Maybe it just needed a restart? weird.

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    I can not reproduce, %appdata% is in folder select dialog in any cases. Obviously, if you set to show hidden folders.
    May by this was Windows glitch?

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