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    Hi there,

    i found a solution to install HM again with the key and it works.
    For 2 days.
    Today i wanted to import some Hands, but when i click on "import handfiles"

    Nothing happens!

    When go to tourney, or cashgames i get this error.

    Then i tried to open the database management but i failed again.
    HM just shutdown. After that my last thought was to delete all hands (maybe any hands with funny errors ? )
    I delete anything and after that the program told me to vaccumize the database. I tried to, but again i got an error message.

    I logged in with pgres admin and did the same there with my database. it worked but all the errors and problems @ HM are still on line.

    I was so happy that HM was running for 2 days, and now im gonan tilt again.

    Should i send u any logfiles of HM @ mail ???

    Please answer as fast as possible before i have to buy this sucking PT3

    Thank u

    update: i created with DBcontrolpanel (wow i can open it?) a new database, and now he can import all hands. But it would be great, if u have a solution anyway Dont want to create every 2days a newdatabase.
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    I think something just got corrupted in the old database, this is very unusual and it shouldnt happen again
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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