Could I put this on both my PC Desk Top and MAC Lap Top?
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    Default Could I put this on both my PC Desk Top and MAC Lap Top?

    I would like to know if I can run this on both my PC and Mac? And then just over time make it one big file. Now that I think about it. I may not be able to load info from one to the other with diffrent formate.

    I looked at diffrent programs to track my game. But when I look my screen name. I get info from a long time ago. And I dont see any info for the SNG's I have been playing.

    I need something that I can just turn on will track my SNG hands. And then help me find the leaks. And not have all my past info mixed in.


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    You license allows you to install it on two computers.
    So you may install it on a desktop and a Mac (note HoldemManager doesn't run on the native Mac OSX, so you'll need to use Bootcamp, VMWare, or Parallels)

    If you only want HoldemManager to base the stats on recent hands, lets say NO hands older than 6 months---> change the hud options--> additional HUD filters--> filter by date
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