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    Hello guys,

    I am constructing my HUD atm and I'm not sure if I would go with HM2 or PT4 (whichever fits my needs better obv).

    I want to make some raise 1st statistics filtered by # of BBs (+ a few more stats filtered the same way as MR, LIMP open shove, 3bet and so on). As I see it now PT4 is better at this as it can be filtered whatever way I want (regarding # of bbs). HM2 Tournament Filter can't for instance see stats for let's say exactly 12 to 18 BB deep, it has to be 12 to 20. Correct me if I am wrong I'm quite new at this.

    I was wondering (and hence asking all this here) if notecaddy can help overcome this issue by adding notecaddy popups to the HM2 custom popups (I know it can add popups but does it have the functionality to help be add the stats for the exact range of BBs that I need) and if you would point me to the right direction on doing this (if possible). The reason I'm not going to PT4 (knowing that it can do most of the things I ask) is that it lacks notecaddy badges (notecaddy as a whole I guess) which I think might be useful and would like to implement in the final version of my hud.


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    Short answer:

    With NoteCaddy you can make stats you didn't even dream of

    NoteCaddy covers stack-sizes, positions, actions, hand-strength, number of players involved in the hand, bet-sizing.......

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