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    I fixed my HUD and auto importer but noticed something was wrong with my EV calculator now for SNGs. (Fulltiltpoker) I played a super turbo 20+0,9 and I lost EV for getting called by A2o with 44. (first hand) I thought that was abit weird so I checked the replayer and it says I am 52% to win with 44??!?!
    I then sent my hand history to a friend of mine who also uses EV. It turns out my EV was 0,6% higher on his computer and I checked that particular hand and his import showed the correct EV which I calculated manually.

    What could be wrong?

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    We had a big EV bug.
    This is fixed in today's update 1.11.05e


    You've have to delete all the hands with the wrong EV.. and then reimport them.
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