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    Is there a All in cEV stats in holdem manager?, I play 45 man sitngo in pokerstars and I would like to know my luck on those turneys, thanks.

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    cEV = yes
    Check out the reports tab. Run Winnings Summary report and ADD "All-in EV Adjusted" to the report.

    Though cEV in SNGs (and tournaments) is pretty useless since it doesn't compensate for the blind levels/stacksizes.

    So if you go allin in two hands:
    hand 1: AKs vs TT when the blinds are 10/20. (early in a tourney)
    hand 2: TT vs AKs when the blinds are 5000/10.000. (late in a tourney)
    The Chip EV will rely for 99.9% on the result of hand #2.

    The Luck Adjusted Winnings in STTs does take into account what the exact influence is of the hand on your potential winnings. So in my previous example, hand 1 is just as important since half the time you'll lose and will be eliminated from the STT.
    (but this works on SINGLE table tournies only, not your 45/90 man SNGs)
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