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    We have a large number of existing stat requests already and are only adding the most popular of the requests as time permits. I don't think we have any short-term plans for adding new stats until after we have sync'd up the report/HUD stats so all of the same stats are available in each stat selection tool and I am not sure when that might happen.

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    I try to create a stat BTn steal Hero's BB but it seems don't working well.
    Can somebody help me?


    I know it's not the good thread but just change Btn by SB is not a big problem, i think.

    Thanks a lot !!

    P.S. : Sorry for my english

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    Finally, it seems to be working !
    But i put a §cardrange to have the range but i don't know how it works.
    If somebody can help me it will be great !

    I create it for sb steal the hero'bb but i don't test it, i just change the precedent stat :


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