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    HEy guys,

    I am using notecaddy but I have a problem that it is only showing me the same
    stats like "played Flush draw aggressively" or "open limps early position"
    The other stats which are stored in the caddy report are not shown for example "misses cbet out of Position" or "cbets ace high flop" . I can see those stats in the caddy report but not in my Notecaddy notes while I am playing

    I am using verison since It does not find my database when I update to the newest Notecaddy but I think that version I am using is not the problem, at least I hope so!

    Thx a lot for your help in advance


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    That sounds like a licensing issue. Are you licensed for the Omaha version and are playing Holdem? Or perhaps the other way around...?
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