32 hands in DB, NC Seek finds 200+ hands
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    Default 32 hands in DB, NC Seek finds 200+ hands

    Trying to find out why NC does not finds all opportunities, I created a new DB with nothing but relevant hands (32) when I imported and ran NC, I encountered 2 problems:

    1. Test environment said all hands were "Candidate" (I assume opportunity?) but on the replayer it shows <32 opportunities

    2. Seek displays more hands than what I actually have in the DB. It repeats on the same hands over and over.

    Thanks in advance,

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    -The seek replayer stops after it find 32 hands
    -A hand can appear multiple times for multiple players so there's nothing wrong there
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    I have a similar problem (I guess). I have created 2 note definitions:

    1. A note to know when a player limp TT preflop (opportunity by action)
    2. A note to know when a player raise TT preflop (opportunity by action)

    As a result a player have for the first note 40% (5) and for the second 60% (5). So, if I have understood how nc works, it means that I have seen this particular player play TT 5 times, 2 times he limps and the other 3 raises. Is it correct?

    If so why in HM if I choose this player I find only one instance of TT for that particular player?

    I have considered the entire database without filtering by dates. How is it possible?


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