Prob importing hands generated by HEM (French Rooms)
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    Default Prob importing hands generated by HEM (French Rooms)


    As I had problems with my database because of hands that made errors in the "Tournament" section, I exported all my hands using "Database Management".

    Then delete database and create a new one.

    When trying to import hand history files that had been created previously by HEM, the manual import seems to work fine: no error, and number of hands imported seems correct.


    In fact, no hand seems to have been imported. I have no player in my database, can't choose my "hero" name in the hud section, and by browsing tables with PgAdmin, I can see that my database still seems to be completely empty !!!

    I have sent your support an email, and a sample of the hand history that have been creating by HEM during my export.

    It's working with french rooms, so maybe the problem comes from here

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    Which SQL version are you using?
    HM is updated to 1.11.05 beta 15

    Instead of the exported hands, can't you just reimport the original handhistories??
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    This is the last PostgreSQL 8.4

    I guess that the reimport of the original files should work yes, I'm gonna try that.

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