Pokerstars Tournament Summary ongoing issues
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    Default Pokerstars Tournament Summary ongoing issues

    I've read in a couple of threads that Pokerstars will soon start writing tournament summaries to our hard-drives, the same way that Full Tilt do now. This means we will no longer have to request summary emails and import them manually (which still does not work 100% correctly - over my last ten or so imports, clumps of tourneys have been randomly skipped over).

    Anyway my question is, is there any truth to this and if it is true does anyone know exactly when Pokerstars plans to start doing this?

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    I have no idea.
    You should check 2+2 or the email PokerStars

    All I know is, I HOPE they friggin' start writing that info to your harddisk
    And when they do, HoldemManager will make sure you can import it, without the current summary problems.

    (the issue why clumps of your tournies summaries aren't updated now has several causes. -1 Stars changes the formatting of the summary files almost WEEKLY, -2 HoldemManager has a bug where it doesn't update rebuy/addon info, but we'll address both of those issues)
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