Date/Time issues when importing hands from FT 25NL normal and Stars Zoom tables
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    Default Date/Time issues when importing hands from FT 25NL normal and Stars Zoom tables

    Hi I was playing 1 table Zoom + 1 table FT 25NL 6max. During the session I switched between 3 FT normal tables and remained at the same Zoom table throughout. After reviewing my session, I discovered the date/time on the first FT normal table was accurate, but the next two tables that I joined were apparently time-warped to the next day - 12/27/2012 at 4.52am and 8.53am respectively. I started my session at 2052hrs CCT 12/26/2012 which is 0752hrs ET 12/26/2012 and I notice too that the reports for Stars are reflecting ET instead of my desired CCT time after I upgraded to 7660.

    Please advise, thanks.


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    Hand importing - Site time adjustment
    For Stars you should set there difference betwee ET zone and your local time
    For FTP you should set ZERO there + set FTP lobby clock to your local time

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    Thank you for the response. I tried using the auto-detect function but it was still screwing up the date/time of imported hands for FT. Your advice is a relief to me that the import feature isn't broken, but then again I feel I shouldn't be asking this question in the first place if the auto-detect feature was working correctly. I hope you can do something about this so you won't have tons of other users asking you the same thing yeah?



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    We posted info about this in our Full Tilt setup FAQ -

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