Does NC Premium look into the past?
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    Default Does NC Premium look into the past?

    Quote Originally Posted by bigdadi View Post
    Dear Hm2 Support Team!

    Imagine sitting down at a CG table, 6 handed.
    Villain1-4 is unknown, villain 5 is a reg with 150 hands.

    Is there any way to make my (the Hero's) HUD stats display from his point of view?
    I mean, from the PoV of a specific person, as he saw me, as he knows me.

    Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by fozzy71 View Post
    If you have notecaddy premium you can add these types of stats - AssaultWare blog: Add your stats as seen by your opponents to your HM2 hud

    Just one more question though: if I buy Notecoddy premium NOW, will it be able to track the past hand histories for this?

    E.g. I played 20 hands with Villain TODAY, and I buy NC Premium TOMORROW. Will I be able to take this 20 hands into consideration at these stats?

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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    Yes, notecaddy creates its defaults for all your hands and if you add new definitions then they will create notes for the whole db (past, present future) as well
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