Had the trial, but got the import error (please extend so I can fix?)
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    Smile ad the trial, but got the import error (please extend so I can fix?)

    This is a little unique. I want to get the new Hold Em Manager, I like it a lot. REALLY REALLY like. However, during my time, I had a horrible experience with the import. It got stuck and said something like " importing part X of X large parts" or something like that.. And I uninstalled... Reinstalled... So I wanted permission to somehow download the trial again and fix this issue so that I can start fresh and I just get the full version.. Could you please help?

    During my trial, I had this really tough to solve error of the import just getting stuck ( once I tried to import a ton of previous games) I tried suggestions, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but this problem still continues. SO... the trial is over.. but I love need and want the improved new version. But I won't buy it until i can get this problem solved. *Otherwise I will buy the new version and I will be trying to solve this.. I want to buy the new version and hit the ground running ( it is harder to play without it once youve tried it) I will also post my HUD once i can get it like I had it.. It is sick!

    Thanks all.. This import is hard to solve, def gonna need teamview...
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    We can’t extend the trial but we can offer a limited time full refund option so that you can use it risk free.

    or... PM sent
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